The return of true speed dialing for hardware keyboard users with BlackBerry 10.2.1

Speed Dial
By James Richardson on 29 Jan 2014 12:29 pm EST

Remember the old days when you could just hold down a letter/number on your BlackBerry keyboard and it would call one of your contacts? That's still been possible with BlackBerry 10 on the Q10 and Q5 but up until BlackBerry 10.2.1 dropped you had to have the phone application open - so not really saving a bunch of time. 

Thankfully BlackBerry have listened to us users and the good old days are now back, which means you can perform a speed dial without having to launch the phone app - sweet! 

Getting things set up is super easy, but if you need a quick run through here's how:

  • Open the phone application
  • Swipe down from the top bezel and jump into settings
  • Select Keypress Speed Dial
  • Choose your letters/numbers and add your buddies

I for one am stoked to see this feature return and although I don't make a ton of phone calls I've already set up my close friends and family - ready for action. Another nice touch BlackBerry.  

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The return of true speed dialing for hardware keyboard users with BlackBerry 10.2.1


It's available on the Z10 you need to pill down the dialer page from the top of the app and go into settings to allocated a number for speed dialing i.e. 1,2,3 etc

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The enhancement that the article refers to is providing Q devices the ability to use keyboard shortcuts without opening the phone application. While the Z10 has shortcuts, there's no physical keyboard, so the shortcuts only work from within the phone app for us.

Keith H. Posted via CB10 on Z10.

What about when I'm in the home screen on Z10 and swipe with two fingers from the bottom. The keyboard comes up, don't you think we should be able to do some kind of shortcuts there?

I like what your saying. Makes sense. That's the one thing I really miss going from my 9900 to my Z10. The quick dial and search

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Found some virtual keyboard shortcuts for the Browser :

Go to the top of a web page, press T
Go to the bottom of a web page, press B
Go forward one page, press N
Go back one page, press P
Search text on a page, press S
Open your bookmarks, press K
Open your history, press H
Enter reader mode, press R
Refresh a web page, press L

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It was one of the few disappointing things about switching to my Q10 from my Curve. Now it's back & I couldn't be happier. The speed dial in previous versions was OK but this new addition rocks.

You can also just press a key and it will ask you if you want to set up a speed dial number. As long as you are not in an app... so from the home page or one of the app pages

This is huge!

BlackBerry better slow down with all the updates or they'll run out of things to update by next week.


Does that mean we can speed dial president Obama anytime if we know his number? ;p

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Even though it's not a serious question, the answer is no.

Knowing the number of Obama's BlackBerry is not enough, as the phone is using a Whitelist and special security software, anyone who doesn't use the same software and is not on the Whitelist won't get through. Only a few dozen phones are setup to be able to call his phone.

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It was always like that. Even when I had the full QWERTY keyboard it was only 9 numbers...

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Disregard; I didn't realize this was just for Qs, which after thinking about it, is the only situation where this really makes sense. D'oh!

I hope BlackBerry will eventually add this feature to the soft keyboard of the full touch devices.

Can you pull up the virtual keyboard on a full touch when you're not using it to type in a field? This works for the Q10s because the keyboard's always there.

Found some virtual keyboard shortcuts for the Browser.

See my above post to someone else about it.

CB10 won't let me post it twice (duplicate post)

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Yes absolutely! This was a nice touch. I mean I had that on my old Nokia and BlackBerry it was a nice addition. This OS update had a lot of this nice little additions...

For now, thumbs up on this one!

Cartman says: Screw you guys I'm going home!

Guys who are already with the new OS:
When receiving calls apart the name of the caller does it shows the company name if the contact as it?

Sorry about my archaic English :)

I can't wait! That's one the main things I miss from my Bold 9930.

Go BlackBerry!

Keep The Faith  BlackBerry Q10 

Every day something comes up that makes you want to scream YES. Way to go BlackBerry. Yet again...

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It's available on Z 10 folks just pull down the menu from top of the app to assign a number for speed dialing!

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"I for one am stoked to see this feature return and although I don't make a ton of phone calls I've already set up my close friends and family - ready for action. Another nice touch BlackBerry. "

-AWESOME and totally agree!-

Thanks for the post, James!

It would be nice if this could be used to launch apps, lock the screen, change profile settings, etc.

Also it would be nice if the feature could be used within apps or the hub and not just the home screen.

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Awesome, let's keep it up, and use this forward momentum to return BlackBerry back to the top.

Vienna's original  abuser

Trying to remember which number is whom that is the task that will take some time.

There shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.


this is huge and I am using it almost everyday, but I have a trouble with it number are match with letters of the QWERTY keyboard.. Unfortunatly I have a AZERTY keyboard so the 1 that I should be pressing to call the voice mail is W on the QWERTY keyboard and it is matchig the 7 on the azerty keyboard..

To make it clear I have to press 7 to call my voicemail it i not a huge deal but come on guys.. It should be fixed I did not have that trouble back on my Bold 9000..

And also I am missing the little sound that was making the old OS..

Small stuffs makes the differences!

Still really happy to see that function back :)

have a Q10 and I was wondering if there's an option to show the call log in the same manner it used to appear in older BlackBerry systems (i.e. To have all dialled, received, missed calls from the same contact appear under one log entry). It would be much easier to browse through the numbers.kindly advise if th option is in the new 10.2.1

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What a win! 10.2.1 is what I wanted from the beginning. Thanks BB for continuing to develop it for all the users.

Still need this for the Z series devices. Considering we can manually at will draw up the vkeyboard then this can be implemented without issue, no?

Waiting for  BlackBerry Q10  & Full Metal CB10!

Found some virtual keyboard shortcuts for the Browser.

See my above post to someone else about it.

CB10 won't let me post it twice (duplicate post)

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Truly an example of BlackBerry listening to their users, this has been a much much requested feature along with device/server deleting.

BlackBerry 10 signed.

FUCK off! This is an nice feature? Remember the contacts prediction direct on dial pad which we had in OS7, 9900 ? Type figures and letters and have the contacts? This we want back!

Proudly Z10 owner !

Speed dialing is nice from the home screen, but really, it was only one more tap away anyhow. What I really want are the homescreen launcher shortcuts like os7 and prior.


While we're at it, one more keyboard feature I would like to see is the W A S D arrow keys to move the cursor, maybe as a key combo with shift, alt, sym or delete when holding down.
The circle thingy is often not accurate enough when moving just one letter, or when you're too close to the message send button. Too many messages sent unfinished because of that. Looks unprofessional...

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

Also miss a home / end key. Anyone know a keyboard shortcut, if it already exists?

iPhone for me? Scr... ahem Q that! (posted from the latter)

I have a Z10 and I love it. But, when I was deliberating whether to get the Z or the Q, this is the kind of thing that would have tipped me to the Q10. Speed dials was one of the things I discovered I missed most on my curve.

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I'm so stoked to have this functionality back! I do miss the dialing sound that legacy BlackBerry devices made when you used the one-touch dialing though. Beggers can't be choosers I suppose.

I miss the days of speed dialing on the 9900. I think it's time to get a Q. Been on the Z for a year now and whenever I see someone with the Q, it just looks so badass!

This is outstanding. I might buy a Q10 purely for this feature. It's one I've missed.

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It's nice to see BlackBerry making all these incremental changes and getting better and better all the time. Keep it up and at some point people will start coming back.

I tried the Nexus 5 and actually like the Z30 much better.

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What would be nice is having that for my Z30 even though I know I'd have to open up the dial pad.

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I have a Z10 and I just set favorites in the contact app. When you press and hold on a contact you get the option on the right side to call or text.
The best way for me to make a speed dial or text someone on my Z10.

Posted via CB10 on my ZED10

Some features like home screen application shortcuts are still missing but almost everything missing from 7.1 is there now.

My couldn't care less about most of what is happening with 10.2.1 I told her the speed dial key long press had returned. She said when can I get the upgrade? She was very excited just because of this one feature. Oh she likes the flashlight on the quick menu as well.

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Glad to see it arrive. I already gave up my q10 because this was not there but am enjoying the z30 instead.

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It's fantastic!!was previously using white bold 9900, and now a black Q10..was a lil concern that the Q10 didn't have the speed dial function from home with the latest update!it's even better!loving it! More power to BlackBerry!

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It's fantastic! Was a white bold 9900 user, and loved the speed dial function..currently using black Q10..was concerned unable to do speed dial on home with latest update!it's back!more power to BlackBerry!!

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Thank you for bringing this back BlackBerry!!! I used this feature several times a day on my 9900 and previous BlackBerrys

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I have a BlackBerry ST 100-1 and after the upgrading of 10.2.1-537 my BlackBerry is crazy, the battery life just 3 hours or less, I've never seen this! Am so angry because it charges rapidly and discharges faster too, a total madness, and also gets hot in all ways possible :-s

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