1000 copies of Evolution Browser up for grabs

Evolution Browser
By James Richardson on 23 Aug 2014 11:52 am EDT

Who doesn't like getting a paid app for free? Once again, BlackBerry developer ShaoSoft is giving away a bucket full of free copies of one of his successful BlackBerry 10 applications - Evolution Browser. We first took at look at the alternative browser on video back in early 2013 and although the native BB10 browser is awesome, Evolution Browser does offer up some nice alternative features.

For starters - Evo Browser will remove those annoying adverts that you get on web pages, so things are clean and crisp. The full list of features is huge, so jump into BlackBerry World with the link below and check them out.

We have 1000 copies of Evolution Browser to give away and it's just a case of using the following redemption code. So hit up Evolution Browser in BlackBerry World, pull down from the top bezel, select 'Redeem' and enter EVCB1000 and the price will switch to free.

As usual with these offers you'll need to get in quick as 1000 free copies doesn't last long. I'm getting an image in my head of placing a chicken thigh in a piranha infested river!

More information/Download Evolution Browser for BlackBerry 10

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1000 copies of Evolution Browser up for grabs


On both my BBIDs.

Always handy to have a second browser for secondary stuff or just quick searches without disturbing your session in the main browser.

Very handy to have. JavaScript and ads is disabled in Evo, but enabled in BB10 browser...

 BlackBerry? I premdict the future's gonna be chenomenal! 

I managed to get a free copy today
(Thank you ShaoSoft)

So far I like it a lot, lots of settings, day mode or night mode, Ad blocker, I like how you Swipe from left or right side to move forward or back between pages you've seen.

I think it's very good so far, I didn't allow it permission to Shared Files when I installed it, and it's working very good so far.

Take care.

www. carm. org

I paid the $2.99 for it last year, but definitely still prefer the BlackBerry browser. Evolution browser is still missing a few key features.

Via The BlackBerry Z10 Experience.

Yeah. Me too. This is by chance. I guess we miss some, get some. This is one I was already interested in

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So have I.
I don't mind simple text Ads, but Adblock is just necessary sometimes.

Frosty white Q10/

I got this one because it is 1000 copies

My first BlackBerry Z10 (wall hugger) will soon be replaced by its successor Z20 but now it's hugging BB10.3.0.1052

Unless somehow BlackBerry browser is significantly better, I'm definitely going to use Evolution browser. Ad block alone sells it to me.

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Gestures to go back and forward are awesome too! Only thing that worries me is that some reviews say it hijacked they're files and such :S. Can anyone comment on it?

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Use it everyday. It's OK browser, the only complaint is just it's hard to do tabbed browsing.

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Bad reviews, so no thanks. And it seems he doesn't have "Open in new tab" so again, no thanks.

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First time a got an app for free....well, it's cos it's 1000 copies but I bet you in d next one hour...it will be gone.

Thanks dev

Posted via Zedicus Zed30 Zeus Zurrander

At first glance I think it was 100 copies.. so I was like "meh, it already too late for me to grab it.. ok,maybe I'll take a chance..." so I go to blackberry world andredeem it.. oh my god! It still free? Oh, it was 1000 copies.. lucky~~


Got a copy, not so sure how good this is compared to the native browser. I'm gonna test and give my review. Thanks CB.

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Seems like a good browser. Tried a few others, but none to really better than the native BB10 browser. This one looks like it might give it a run for its money. Thanks Dev.

Also, just used for a few minutes so far but you can open up a new tab OK with no problem.

Z10.......er......BlackDroid in action!

Lol I put in the code and it showed free, but by the time I put in my password to verify it said promo over.

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I got a copy. Finally. Will see how this browser works compare to the native.

However, I think the native does a decent job.

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Shout out to the dev +cb for the give away. 1st 1 I been able to catch. Seem like a solid browser with the little I've seen so far.

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Said free but not. Wonder how may grabbed it because it's free even though they don't want or need it.

Are you freaking serious. 1000 copies. 35 minutes and they're all gone. Jesus you guys are hounds

Hahaha....damn! i'm so pumped. I do come here with a sad face like...awww it's gone :(

But I got this one yey!!!!!

I got it in 22minutes. And in 30 minutes ot's gone....wtf! I said so above lol

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88 comment and 1000 downloads? Doesn't anyone say thanks, by the way I never got one

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Fuck off and only run these stupid offers if a vendor is willing to give a time-frame not shitty number of downloads. Ie free for next day/hour/week.

My thought too. Maybe they could stagger when they post the articles.

Not everyone gets up at the crack of dawn, some of us actually work nights.

Posted by a Proud NRA Supporter!

I'm starting to think these free copy things are a hoax :p - ha! I'm always missing these. I wonder how long it takes for all copies of one to be taken.

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I use this browser since some months already anyway. Cool gift for each looking for an alternative browser with ad blocking. ;)

Good, Better, BlackBerry Z30

I missed out as well. This is one I'd been thinking about getting for a while now. May just end up buying it.

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I bought the App months ago. Still waiting for an Update that the Ad Blocker will finally work as it should. It never worked from the beginning.

Starting a few Updates before, it is working from time to time now. Much Optimization and Bug fixing needed.

Sometimes it takes months until an update or bug fix arise. You never know if the Developer is still maintaining the App or if he had already abandoned it.

Via CB10 App / Z10-2@ Alien

Looked good, I tried but,alas bummed out but it did look good, so bought it. First impressions very good. Thanks anyway and keep up the good work. We need good Dev's

Rick Pringle, Z30 on CB.10

Brutal!! I have only gotten a couple codes to work but its like y'all sit around waiting for new codes or something all day!

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I fail to find any logical reason why people get so upset when they can't win a free promotion, there are so many people out there with smartphones, it's just the luck of the draw, or do you just sit on the phone waiting, waiting, waiting for a freebie. What a life you must lead

Rick Pringle, Z30 on CB.10

Got it since day one for the BlackBerry PlayBook & the Q10. You guys will love it. Hands down the best twitter app.

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I tried it for awhile, but it was buggy as all heck and a key usability feature: opening a link in a new tab is still not possible... Even more importantly, the dev seems to have abandoned development of the app so I gave up on it as well.. Try Alpha Browser instead...

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Thanks Shao, even tho I missed out it seems like a pretty good alternative browser for only $2.99. Nothing wrong with using the BlackBerry native browser if you can't give up just one Starbucks or a Horton's coffee and doughnut in order to try out the Evolution Browser.

I like this browser. It is replacing BlackBerry browser on my Z30.

Can't wait to see how it looks on the PP

Bought this a long time ago and really liked some of the features bit ultimately the inconvenience of tabbed browsing (open tab, copy link, paste link, blah... and apparent tab limit of 4) drove me back to the stock browser.

Also had some issues with zoom functionality not working in some sites that really need it. Looked at the BB World reviews to see if others had similar issues and saw complaints of critical reviews getting deleted, etc... just gave me a really bad vibe.

I keep the app around because it's just nice to have another browser on-hand sometimes. For basic browsing it usually works fine.

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The promotion works. I just bought it for the ad blocker. Trying to save bandwidth.

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