1100 copies of CacheTube up for grabs

1100 copies of CacheTube up for grabs
By DJ Reyes on 26 Aug 2014 11:57 am EDT

We reviewed CacheTube back in December 2013. It's an app that allows you to cache YouTube videos for watching later. You can sign in to your account too. By caching videos you can watch them later on, even without internet connection. Perfect for it if you want to watch some videos while traveling through areas with a spotty signal or hardly any signal at all. If you haven't picked this app up yet perhaps you can get lucky and get a free copy with a promo code.

CacheTube developer has made 1000 copies to download for free. Still deciding whether you want the app? Here's some of CacheTube's features.

  • Convenient and familiar native YouTube interface
  • Full YouTube sign-in support
  • Configurable video quality for cached video
  • Instant playback of cached video using built-in video player

To get yourself a free copy of CacheTube follow these instructions

  1. Open up BlackBerry World
  2. Swipe down from the top and hit Redeem
  3. Enter promo code CACHEMYTUBE
  4. The app should show as Free. Tap FREE to download.

Reader comments

1100 copies of CacheTube up for grabs


Yup I did...but why are you talking to yourself :/
Weird...I guess you're just happy cos it's your second time winning a promo

Posted via Zedicus Zed30 Zeus Zurrander

I missed the antivirus app and never knew the dev added more bonus. Luckily I got the rev browser though.

Posted via Zedicus Zed30 Zeus Zurrander

Hahaha! Me too!

Swiped via CB10 with my T-Mobile USA (Only T-Mo rep still pushing  )  Z30 (STA100-5), son! The Thor's Hammer of phones! Member of "Club Z30 "..... the most exclusive club in mobile. Once you go BlackBerry, everything else is wack-berry! #longestsignatureever

Because they didn't put the link to the app here, you had to go to the previous article, open the app in BlackBerry World from there and THEN redeem it! That's why!

Posted using the fabulous on my Z10

Nope. The "instructions" you're providing is most likely why some do not get the free promotions. People have to follow the directions given in the article.

To get yourself a free copy of CacheTube follow these instructions

Open up BlackBerry World
Swipe down from the top and hit Redeem
Enter promo code CACHEMYTUBE
The app should show as Free. Tap FREE to download.

All that is necessary for this promotion is to open BlackBerry World and enter the code after swiping down from the top. The code is automatically associated with the app which will then open to download. Don't waste your time opening up old links when the instructions for a direct download is right before your eyes!

Posted via CB10

Nice app but I'm happy with Supertube so I'll leave it for someone else that might want a copy.

Posted via my love powered Q10

Finally I got one. Wohoooo. I've been trying for days to get something free, finally I managed too.

Posted via CB10

I finally got one. Lol

Thanks to Crackberry and the developer. A handy one too since I do a lot of you tubing

Posted from my Z30 on CB10

Thanks for the most excellent free apps from Developers and CB my Z30 is bursting at the super amoled screen with free tiles .... this freebies malarkey is too easy.
Haven't missed one (that I want) yet.
Coolo Tamam!!!

4.54 billion years and this is the achievement... must try harder

BB World won't let me verify my BBID to 'purchase' it!!! Why?? Why is the verify greyed out?! arrrgghhhh

Got it. I had forgotten about this app, but was looking for an app like this.

Hardcore BlackBerry 'er

I got 1 redeem code. Yipee. Will give a review after testing the app. Thanks dev

Posted via CB10

Wow, I actually got a freebie from Crackberry!

Nice app as well. Caching Youtube vids for later viewing is really handy :)

Posted via CB10

If we have fast tube and Supertube, is this one needed? Does it provide more?

Tapped and flicked from my BlackBerry Z30!

I'm gonna leaving this for others. I already own Fast Tube and Super Tube for caching.

Posted via CB10

To the developer. Thanks for this product. Works great on my Z30 and will be a good nice to have :)

Posted via CB10

Nice to see more people saying they got it then those who haven't.

Guess it helps when there are more than 50 copies?

Thanks to the dev and CB.

A slow climb to the top is always more rewarding. Sent using my BlackBerry Z10.

Thanks Oleg. Just checked and I was able to redeem :)

Posted via CB10 1.6.2 on my Z10 on the Rogers Network

Thanks dev it's much appreciated! Great app too!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

Finally got one even after 1 hour later. :))

@geenaxion Keepin' it Chill Z10 ( Subscribe "Dance for Life" C0029D483

I'm very lucky to get this one after an hour being posted I had missed more copies than that within 30 minutes of post

Posted via CB10

At last I got one! First time! :D

Q10 SQN100-3 | Z30 STA100-2 | iPhone 4s IOS 7.xx

I bet 80% will never use this app, they only downloaded it cos they "got" the promo code on time.

Posted via a sexy QTEN

Probably so... but it cam be useful for saving HowTo's for later. That's what I'm going to use it for.

Posted via CB10

Although I'm able to redeem, i declined since it won't let you cache to sd card...i don't spend that much time on youtube anyway so I'll let someone else have it.

Posted via CB10

Woohoo! I can't believe I got it!! I've tried so many times. This is a great app too. Looks just like native YouTube which is excellent. Thanks Dev!!

Posted via CB10

I just won my first ever free download on Crackberry!

Although I already own Supertube, and that already has the function of downloading the videos.

Posted via CB10

I just succeeded for redeeming while I was entering my password that all available copies finished
I think I was about to catch the last one.

Posted via CB10

its really disappointing that app like cache tube are for buying.. its not worth it really.. I mean just look to google play and appstore there all for free.. I love BlackBerry but the market really sucks

Posted via CB10

First of all, you will not be able to get YouTube downloader apps at Google Play or AppStore - for free or even paid ones. They are all banned. Second, app developers need to pay their bills too, so some of us add annoying banners to our apps, some use in-app payments, and some just make paid apps. You always need to pay - one way or another.

Good for sticking up for your app! Some people are too cheap to realize that these apps will actually save them money in the long run if they use utube a lot.

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

Hello friends... when I look for cache tube in BlackBerry World and when I open it and swipe down there's no redeem option to hit... Pls help if I'm going wrong. thanks

Posted via CB10

well ... we missed this one. But for future reference, you need to swipe down from the top bezel. Are you doing that?

Are you seeing any options? Should have Help, Download indicator, Scan barcode, redeem and settings.

it said its free so wtf is this??

saying $1.99 AND all available downloads of this item have already been redeemed at the promotional price.

Posted via CB10

1100 were free and then 1000 more were added. You missed this one. Good luck with the next one!

Posted using the best phone ever, the Z30!

Thanks CB and Oleg! Awesome! For those Who Haven't, check MagicPhotos, another awesome app from same dev on BB World.

Yes. Thank u Oleg. First time I redeem something here on bbw.

Posted via CB10 with my z30

Dev just added another small batch for all of us that showed up to the party late. Better grab it fast. Thanks again Oleg.

I've finally managed to get one...
My very first.
I'm very happy... thanks CB10 and the developers :-)

Very nice app

Posted via CB10

Man these are coming fast and furious these days. I got it also

Mikescraftbeer.com - C00012735/ Mike Garson Photography - C00471EA8

179 comments and 35 reviews.

Your telling me all free copies are gone??? Not worth my money

Posted via CB10

I bought this app a while back and have to say it is brilliant. It does what it does so smoothly and easily it is a pleasure to use.

It is great that the developer has been giving it away but I'm more than happy to have paid for it. Great work!

Sounded like a decent app... possibly worth while... oh well... cmon... bring more apps that are always all gone....

Posted via CB10

Oke, just need 2 hours to spend all of this tickets, and im late, again.

Posted Via My Wonderfull Z10

Had to return to comment... GREAT little app that does exactly what it advertises. No muss. No fuss. Doesn't even ask for oodles of permissions. Just need to sort out if it's saving to device or card (literally fired it up and ran w/it).

If you dig on the 'Tube, this is a dandy of an app to have!

Thank you, dev, for the opportunity. Will definitely post a review to BBWorld as well!

Posted via CB10

Don't worry..it shows that after redeem,the application will be free till sept 7th...Enjoy

Posted via CB10

Great app but seems to cache as hidden files within the app. If I ever delete this app must remember to delete all the cached files first or might lose some phone memory to files I cannot find or delete outside the app. Perhaps the dev can clarify this attribute.

Posted via CB10

I guess I saw this article too late to get a copy. Not sure how much I would use. Now that it is no longer free, I will wait and see what others say about it before I spend the money