100 Free Unlock Codes from Express Unlock Code

By Adam Zeis on 20 Jan 2010 09:50 am EST

Express Unlock Code

To kick off the week Express Unlock Code has once again offered up 100 free codes. This contest is for North America only since unfortunately they are limited to certain carriers. Only customers of AT&T, T-mobile USA, Rogers and Verizon will be able to receive a free code. As part of the promotion, CrackBerry readers can also grab unlock codes for AT&T, T-Mobile, Rogers and Verizon for just $5.99. Other carriers (Telus, Orange etc.) are available for $14.99. Head over to expressunlockcode.com to get in on the action. To enter for a free unlock code, simply leave a comment on this post and be sure to include your carrier. Contest ends Midnight PST Sunday.

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Reader comments

100 Free Unlock Codes from Express Unlock Code



Or ... Just for what I have been waiting!
Or ... Just for waiting I have been for what!

Anyway, please unlock my Verizon Storm 9530. Please.

i would love for you guys to please send me an unlock code for a blackberry 8310 for at&t. you guys are the best thanks.

Would love to snag one of these for my S2. It is sad not being able to randomly steal my friend's SIM cards and pretend to be them. hehe.

This would come in handy for my next trip! Please, I have been entering these contests forever and would really be excited if I won this one. I just wanna win one contest on this website!

Well guess i'll try my luck to see if i can win a code for my BB Bold 9000 running on AT&T :) I won with the cellunlock peoples but never heard a thing from them.

I would to win one of these codes been trying to for awhile now with no success so i hope I have better luck this time for my blackberry storm 9530 on verizon network

I travel often to ASIA and would really love to try this out ... hey maybe i could convince my coworkers to unlock too if this really works!

I feel I should get one because I am going to Amsterdam and London this year and I just switched from an iPhone to a Storm 2 and the unlock code would be really useful.


Thanks for all the hard work here. You've made my transition from the Palm universe to BB and it's consumed me whole :)

Could really use an unlock code for this Verizon 9530 I just purchased to be used on AT&T! *fingers crossed*

Still trying to win can't quit now I have too win sooner or later might be later but oh well as long as I win need unlock code for my 8530 curve got one for both my storms even though I had to buy them need to win a couple for both my curves wish me luck

I have att as my carrier for my bb bold 9700. I'd love to unlock it. Hopefully I can win a code this time. Thanks guys!

I Just got a blackberry after my deployment and we're leaving again in June and i'd like to unlock my phone so i can continue using it overseas to call my wife and daughter. Thanks in advance for consideration.

Need the code for a tmobile 8820, going to work in China for a year and don't want to pay international roaming

I sent a payment through paypal, not even 5 mins they already sent me my 2 codes. That's super fast. Really appreciated. Also I wanted to mention, i also bought it through CellUnlockingCodes.com the answer that they gave me is they cannot unlock my phone and will issue me a refund ........ I was like ...... that sucks ...... Thanks again for the fast unlocking.

I have been dealing with Verizon for a year (very long year)
And I can't stand using them anymore OR should I say them using me.This contract game is amazing! I never wanted to do it but my consumer husband only saw all the blinky lights and none of the dotted lines. So now we're looking for a way to get our bank account back. It's totally not fair that we pay for 4G service but never get it, living in Montana. We have to live up to our end of the deal and pay hundreds of dollars a month but they only have to do the best they can, and that's all their required to supply.
WHAT?! Not cool so getting one of those codes would be excellent cause I like my phone just hate,hate,hate my carrier.