100 Free Unlock Codes from Express Unlock Code

By Adam Zeis on 20 Jan 2010 09:50 am EST

Express Unlock Code

To kick off the week Express Unlock Code has once again offered up 100 free codes. This contest is for North America only since unfortunately they are limited to certain carriers. Only customers of AT&T, T-mobile USA, Rogers and Verizon will be able to receive a free code. As part of the promotion, CrackBerry readers can also grab unlock codes for AT&T, T-Mobile, Rogers and Verizon for just $5.99. Other carriers (Telus, Orange etc.) are available for $14.99. Head over to expressunlockcode.com to get in on the action. To enter for a free unlock code, simply leave a comment on this post and be sure to include your carrier. Contest ends Midnight PST Sunday.

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Reader comments

100 Free Unlock Codes from Express Unlock Code



This would come in handy for my trip to australia! Please I have been entering these contests forever and would really be excited if I won this one. Omg I just wanna win one contest on this website!

I have just gotten a Blackberry as my upgrade (I have a Tour myself) and I want to give it to my sister in the US Air Force, stationed down in Clovis, NM.. Cannon AFB. However, she's not with Verizon so I would love to receive the free unlock code so I can unlock the new BB and send it to her to use. Thank you!

Best regards,

Just picked up the tour in hopes that the feb3 release date is close for the essex. Would love to win and be able to unlock my to be tour 2!

I would love to get my 9000 unlocked from Rogers ... It would be very helpful for going over seas ... May I have one Please?

My carrier is Rogers Wireless here in Toronto Ontario...

I love to visit Crackberry.com daily cause I love my BlackBerry!

Fingers crossed!

I have never won anything like this in my life it would be nice to win a unlock code for my VERIZON wireless Blackberry!

Rodger Dodger.First comment posting.Can't shun from freebies can we?!questionz:Is their such a thing as a stereo headset that is specificaly designed for satellite radio listeners?Regarding searching stations on the go?A seperate remote?So that one can leave their pricy phone in pocket and jig a lig freely down the sidewalk?My carrier is Rogers.

I think just about everybody else has won an unlock code from crackberry.com except me. I'd love to unlock my gorgeous Bold 9700 on Rogers.

yep, rockin' my 9700 and my 9000 is in my drawer. how i'd love to unlock that bad boy. so winning would be a good thing for me!

got att and would love a code. please guys choose me. I never win anything. an unlock code is definitely something I could use. Thanks for giving us a chance to win!!!

I've never won any contests before and could really use an unlock codes since I will be travelling this year! Thanks

This would be a great thing for the new Tour 2 I hope to purchase in the near future. Hint, hint, RIM/Verizon.

Hello I have been given 3 blackberry devices 2 blackberry 9000's and 1 8310. These where donated by rogers employees to have sent to Haiti as donations. I am hoping you can make an exception as it is for donations that your company can assist in unlocking these devices as donation gift?

I'd love to have my T-Mobile 9700 unlocked.... you know.... just in case.....!

Thank you Crackberry for all you do!!!!