Want to try Noted for free? - 100 free copies up for grabs!

By Alicia Erlich on 6 Aug 2014 12:20 pm EDT

No doubt when reading the front page you have seen mention a time of two of Noted, an excellent notepad/text editor application that organizes not only your to-dos but capture important information while on the go. Simple, yet effective, it stores everything all in one convenient place. It is well-designed, easy to use, and is resourceful thanks to the variety of features it comes with.

While Noted normally sells for $1.99 in BlackBerry World, the developer is running a promotion whereby you can download the application for free with a promo code which expires on Thursday August 7, 2014. To take advantage of this office, simply follow these steps:

  • Launch BlackBerry World
  • Swipe down from the top and select Redeem
  • Enter in this code: NOTED100

As we've seen before, this promo code is sure to be exhausted quickly so be sure to get your copy while supplies last.

You can find Noted in BlackBerry World for all BlackBerry 10 handsets.

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Want to try Noted for free? - 100 free copies up for grabs!


Got it earlier when it was promoted.

Was gonna revisit this app yesterday, sits next to Remember, but doesn't really get used. Like the password feature...

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Wahoo, I finally got it in time :D I never see these posts quick enough :P

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I guess they reward people who live on this site. Also wish there was a way for people to not claim more than 1.

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Just a thought, but these offers are getting a bit silly. They give away 100 copies, which equals $200, and yet get advertising that must be worth many more times that. I can see the cleverness on the part of the developer - and who can blame them - but it is getting to the point when it is not wort bothering trying to get what's on offer, as by the time you've loaded Blackberry World they've always all gone.

I think a lot of time the people who are getting them are not even reading the editorial or the description of the software, they're just redeeming the coupon immediately, which means there could be 100 people who really didn't have any need for the software, won't post a review, and probably won't even ever use it.

Instead of complaining ( although you do have valid points ), maybe you should watch Crackberry closer?

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Lol! Really... ppl have lives other than constantly watching CB to see when stuff go up for free. I saw sum1 say like 6mins and all gone, I'm of the impression they announce "100 free" but they is only 10-30 in the promo code. I find it hard to believe such a small percentage of persons who actually got the app free come back and post a "thanks I got it" post. Check, Theres like 10 ppl saying they got 1.

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I'm no Richy Rich, but I'm actually OK w/spending $2 here and there for apps that are well regarded by the CB folks who offer solid reviews for them (or constructively critical, even). Gave-up trying to snag "free stuff" b/c life is what it is! The true blue BB10 devs need to eat, too, I figure...and no. I'm not one of them.

But to each their own!

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Same here. Worth buying. Good to use for browser bookmarks. Just share to Noted and it saves the topic and link. No extra typing.

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This is bullshit!..lol..Never quick enough to grab a free copy..but for $2, I purchased it anyways, because it is a good, productive app, which I can really use.

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The first 100 or "you can download the application for free with a promo code which expires on Thursday August 7, 2014".

...whichever comes first, I imagine. :-(

I have gotten one or two of the free offers before but lately it's a no go lol. For the record I always read the article first to see if I even want/ need the app

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I do the same. As someone mentioned in this post already, I don't think most of the people who manage to get a free copy, actually need or use some of these apps. It's all about the thrill of getting something free! Lol. Meanwhile, the people who can really use the app, are shit out of luck. Lol..Oh well.

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All the copies gone and ONLY 41 comments ? have a freebee and don't even say thanks ? I never got one :(

It is remarkable how angry some get when they don't get the free app, as though we somehow all deserve it or are entitled to it. This is almost comical because it is unlikely they actually need it, otherwise they would purchase it. We will pay for something if it has value to us, but most of us will take a free app even if we never look at it again (I've done that) just because it is free. The free offers are a good advertising gimmick, but no reason to get upset if you miss it. I'm sure a psychologist would have some deeper insight into all this, I just find it mildly interesting.

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Bad luck!

All available download of this item have already been redeemed at the promotional price.. :(

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I just ed downloaded from BlackBerry World, it's free right now and didn't need any codes...

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Why always US time. Release some on Asian daytimes as well. I dont use credit cards and BlackBerry doesnt take any other mode of payment. Never can get any paid app. Maybe BlackBerry shud start thinking about alternate payment channels so a lot more people can buy the apps.

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I have tried Noted. I prefer the free Evernote.
The two have different functions; it is nice to have BB native Remember syc with Evernote.

Gone after 10 minutes and I'll bet 5 of the 100 redemptions will actually use it and it's already been un installed on about 40% of the devices

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Whenever I think of Alicia, Noted comes to mind.

Just like when I think of James, games comes to mind.

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