10 Weeks of BlackBerry 10: Gaming

In our '10 Weeks of BlackBerry 10' series we'll explore one feature of BlackBerry 10 each week leading up to the launch event on January 30th. This week: Gaming
BlackBerry 10 Gaming
By Adam Zeis on 28 Jan 2013 02:23 pm EST

Let's face it, BlackBerry phones have never associated gaming. Or fun for that matter. It was all work and no a little play, but now BlackBerry 10 drop kicks everything we knew about gaming and turns it up to 11. While BlackBerry 10 will be great for getting things done, it will also be great for gaming. The BlackBerry PlayBook gave us a good taste BlackBerry gaming on a tablet, but now it's heading to phones and hitting the road. It's long overdue that we get to talk about BlackBerry and gaming together and actually be so pumped about it, so stick with us and see why gaming on BB10 will be awesome.

Gaming on BlackBerry 10

While BlackBerry 10 will hold some amazing features - the BlackBerry HubkeyboardBlackBerry Balance - that will all help you get things done, it will also reserve some time for play as well. BlackBerry 10 devices will have some amped up hardware so games will look and feel amazing. 

There are already a slew of great games on the BlackBerry PlayBook that will carry over to BlackBerry 10, and we expect to see some bigger titles from companies like EA and Gameloft make their debut after launch as well. Right now you can already download BlackBerry 10 games like Radiant Defense, Dead Space, Shadow Gun, Ragged Edge 3D, FlyCraft and Bards Tale, and devs are also porting over games from Android and iOS to BlackBerry 10.

Gaming on BlackBerry 10 vs. BBOS is truly a huge leap. Thinking of how we used to play Brickbreaker non-stop or even the games that we thought were good -- everything now is just blown out of the water. Just today I hooked up my dev alpha to our TV and played a bunch of games. In between I paused, answered some emails and went right back to it without a hitch.

Take Ragged Edge 3D for example. I'm in love with the game, and unlike before where I would have to pull out my PlayBook or <gasp>iPhone</gasp> to play something like that, I can now always have it on my BB10 phone and not have to worry about toting around a dedicated gaming device.

There's also a cool Games app that will house all of your scores for supported games and let you make connections with friends. You can see what everyone is playing and compete with your buddies for bragging rights. Currently there is a good number of games already being supported, and we expect plenty more to follow.

Our eyes are wide open for BB10 and we're no doubt excited for all the work features, but make no mistake, BlackBerry 10 will be a truly awesome mobile gaming platform as well. In addition to the announcements at the launch event on Wednesday, hopefully we'll hear some more on the gaming front as well.  

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10 Weeks of BlackBerry 10: Gaming


Adam has an iPhone! Kick him off the site!! /s

I have tons of games on my playbook(total apps stoped counting at 168 for some reason...) But I don't really play them a lot since I don't always have my PlayBook with me. I think I would play them a lot more on my phone.

Chris Parsons, Mobile Nations (Bla1ze)

The iPhone 4S was the first iPhone that I actually managed to purchase on launch date. I got a 16GB white version and it has been rock solid for me. No issues with the device at all in terms of hardware. The camera blows away any other device I have used thus far. Siri and I have issues. She's not living up to her potential in my opinion -- and yes, I am keeping that beta tag in mind.

All that said; I still live in a world where I must carry 2-3 devices at all times. iOS works for some things, BlackBerry works for some things and Android works for some things. The iPhone 4S doesn't solve all my problems or fill or my needs for a mobile device but in the full aspect of things, it is my "most used" device these days. It always comes down to my iPhone 4S and whatever other device with me. The iPhone 4S is the only constant.

Kevin Michaluk

Every time I pick up the iPhone 4S, I find myself wishing the display was bigger. It feels so small these days, especially after spending time on a device like the Galaxy Nexus (who's screen is arguably a little too big). I really hope we see a bigger display on iPhone 5. I'm also finding Siri just doesn't yet fit into my mobile lifestyle. I never find myself instinctively using it, and even when I put it to use it's more of a hassle. In retrospect, I probably could have stuck with my iPhone 4 another year and waited for the iPhone 5, vs. going to the 4S.


Honestly, I don't care about games. But that being said,with gaming BB10 will be able to compete with ios/android and all there apps.

Thats great news! Finally i can play my Playbook games on the Z10 :D

Btw, does anybody know if the apps i purchased in the former Blackberry App World are like saved in the Blackberry World, so I don't have to pay for them again?


Yup! As long as you used the same BBID, any apps that are compatible with BB10 will carry over to My World. 

Thx for the quick reply buddy! :)
It's getting better and better. 2 days to go! We're waiting patiently over here in Germany!

Keep up the awesome work guys.

Question, will all big games from playbook be put on BB10? liiikkke modern combat ?! Cuz I would love to be playing MC2 over my data plan anywhere I want on multiplayer

a game im looking forward to...settlers of catan!! the PB has the seafarers expansion and i know that iOS has the original version so im hoping that someone out there ports it over or they make a native for it

I haven't seen Seafarers on PB (just checked App World, too), but anything Catan would be great! I can live with just basic Catan, but Cities & Knights would be great.

So I guess my 18 year old will want one to go with his PS2, PS3, DS, XBOX360, XBOX, Game Cube, Wii, Gameboy Advance, ipod Touch, Playbook and laptop. All just for games....oh, and porn too;)

Yep, I'm getting one. I've had them all except PS3 and DS. Add NES, SNES, original Gameboy, Gamegear and Genesis to get my list. Only use the 360 and PB these days. Yeah I'm still 18, just stuck in a 28 year olds body.

If. My PB has any style of settlers right now and i have been in the sad waiting dark this whole time im gonna be ticked off. I cannot find Seafaraers in App World for PB either.
Patiently waiting

Just thought of this but RIM should support trophies / achievements and also house BB Leaderboards. Bring a little of Xbox Live and PSN to the mobile platform.

PlayBook games are amazing. The graphics are amazing. And they have truck loads of games for it. BB10 will now attract the mobile gaming market. Good Job RIM.