10 Weeks of BlackBerry 10: BBM

In our '10 Weeks of BlackBerry 10' series we'll explore one feature of BlackBerry 10 each week leading up to the launch event on January 30th. This week: BBM
BlackBerry 10 BBM
By Adam Zeis on 24 Dec 2012 01:20 pm EST

We couldn't have a favorites list without mentioning BBM. As the staple instant messenger of BlackBerry, BBM is getting a pretty amazing update for BlackBerry 10. It brings the instant messaging capabilities that we know and love and adds in BBM Voice and hopefully BBM Video to make it an insanely cool communication tool. BBM will still allow you to text chat with contacts as well as send files and photos, but add in voice and video chat to the mix? Oh man, we love it! Keep reading to see why BBM will be one of the coolest features of BlackBerry 10. 

BBM on BlackBerry 10

BBM has been awesome for BlackBerry users for years. It's the greatest IM service there is for mobile users, and with BlackBerry 10 is gets that much better. We've already had a crazy cool update a few weeks back with BBM Voice, and with BBM Video expected to be inlcuded in BlackBerry 10, it's going to be even more betterer (yup, I did that).

At the most basic, BBM lets you IM your BlackBerry contacts quickly and easily. You get indicators so you know if your message was delivered and/or read. On top of that you can send photos, videos and other files without leaving the app.

BBM Voice gave us an awesome update that now allows for voice calls through BBM over wifi. What this means is that you can call other BBM contacts while in BBM and not use any voice minutes. The calls go over the data network so you get crisp, clear voice conversations without even using the phone app. Add to that the fact that you can still use the text chat while on a call - inluding the ability to send files - and you have a pretty amazing feature.

BBM Video is expected to add video calls to BBM in the same fashion as BBM Voice does for voice calls. When in a BBM chat, initiate the video call and you'll be face-to-face with your contact. It's rumored that there might be a screen share option including as well which would just add to the coolness factor.

Of course you'll have the option to create BBM groups, so chatting with more than one contact at a time won't be a problem. In the groups you can send files, make lists and have a shared calendar, so keeping on track with your groups won't be an issue. 

It's BBM. You know it, you use it. It's amplified for BlackBerry 10 in many awesome ways. There really isn't much more to say, is there? I for one am really looking forward to BBM on BlackBerry 10. I'm hoping to reconnect with some long-lost contacts and also be able to use BBM as an even more powerful business tool on BlackBerry 10.  

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I can't wait to try out BBM on BlackBerry 10. I have a question for you guys. When are you going to do the BBM Stress Test.


I say 10k contacts easy.


Can't wait to try out the new BBM for myself! I'm itching to see everything thats coming. It's just around the corner now!!!


Can't wait to use BBM 10!! It's gonna be insane! Fk qwerty or touch.. ..............................


Looks awesome, just need to get contacts now


Any word on being able to block those annoying broadcast messages?


Either tell the person sending them to stop or delete that person, easy as that.


I love the way they've designed it for BB10, but it will still be a pretty useless app, unless they start adding more networks like windows live, gchat, etc.



BBM isn't a multimessenger and will never be. Start using IM+ or equal


Though you must admit, it would be pretty damn cool to have integration into other networks via BBM. e.g. from BBM be able to chat with googletalk, skype, etc.


I absolutely love BBM with a passion. I use to have 65+ friends on BBM but now I only have 1:(. I hate to say it but I don't think ill ever have as much fun on BBM again like I use to. BBM will be insane on PB with video chat., that screen share function will come in very handy. I hope the OS will be very bullet proof, have had issues with my PB in the past.

Anybody think they'll bring group video chat for BBM, that would be cool but probably requires a whole lot of power..


this is fabulous news for sure


And what about BBM "Money" do you think it'll be avalaible at launch?


Yeah that'd be pretty interesting!


Is it available for wifi only


Really want see all the Apps and they way it works. Jan 30th come on!!!


Too bad I now have NO BBM friends left. Maybe I can convince them to come back to BB?

Coach Bill

I agree. Even my family all have iToys now. I don't converse with a single person who still has a BlackBerry. Such a shame.....

Teddy Amba

hey! i have an idea nd add-on's on the blackberry 10.. i hope this can make the BB more better than all of any touch phones.. can we make it blackberry10F? all phones havnt this kind of apps/ program that fits nd more comfortable.. guest what's in my mind? samsung,nokia,iphones,BB, havnt yet kind of this prog.. i choose to add this program to the blackberry..cz i love blackberry..
my add-on's program can change the design of casing, & the display,
u can email me @ tddy_mb@yahoo.com for mre info..


I love blackberry. Now I'm dreaming for bllackberry 10 smartphone


i still have 55+ friends on my bbm
just one suggestion for new bbm10
kindly increase the member limit for groups
current limit is just 30 :(


I know you could care less, but I’m really proud of BB for not giving up. Sure they’re behind on the competition but instead of “trying” to compete with what’s already out there, they looked ahead and saw what people will NEED from a smartphone in the near future. They took the next step and made a completely brand new OS from the ground up! Such a feat has never been accomplished. Here they were going bankrupt basically and now they’re finally about to launch something new a fresh with a name-brand everyone can trust once more. Thanks’ RIM

smell you later apple, android and windows, the time has come for the Berry to shine once more!!!!!!


I can't wait for the Blackberry 10. It's very exciting.


still can't communicate via chat/video/voice with others using skype/gchat/whatsapp/viber?

I think im going to throw my playbook into the garbage if this things comes out like this, I can't use my playbook for video chatting cos nobody uses a blackberry, and they are not even trying? seriously, wtf

its like the apple didn't let any apps use their phone, so you could only communicate via facetime. the only thing that differs that blackberry is like 5 years late to act in such an arrogant manner.

I couldn't be more disappointed with blackberry 10. Good bye RIM...


Hi. I'm a brand new Blackberry Z10 owner and I don't know how to get added to a BBM. I've never owned a BB before so I could use some help. It seems like I have to be invited by someone, but I don't know how to do that. Thanks.


What happened to the "Select All" option for broadcast messages? Also, you can't put a emotion in a broadcast message any more?