10 Time Saving Tips for the BlackBerry 10 Hub

10 Time Saving Tips for the BlackBerry 10 Hub
By DJ Reyes on 27 May 2014 02:20 pm EDT

One of the best features of BlackBerry 10 is BlackBerry Hub. The place where will find all your notifications, be it e-mail, SMS, Twitter, Facebook and more. We can access many apps without having to leave the Hub, making you more efficient when responding to messages. It is definitely something that adds to BlackBerry 10 devices being a very productive tool. In many ways, the name "Hub" is very fitting. It is an area, as BlackBerry 10 users, we will visit frequently. Here we bring you 10 tips to make you even more efficient in your communication.

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10 Time Saving Tips for the BlackBerry 10 Hub


Thanks DJ, one of the far better postings, true to the BlackBerry users. Even I learned something new.

DJ, could someone post, or do a video demo of all the things that can be done by plugging the BlackBerry into TV's, projectors, etc....

This would truly show Blackberry in the world of connectivity....


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Thanks Dj and O.J. That's a great idea.

I'd certainly be interested in seeing what the BlackBerry can do with regards to working with other devices, like TVs.

Just the other day, I noticed there was a film sale on in the BlackBerry World. I know I can download a film onto the device, and I know I have some sort of hdmi? port on my q10, and one on the telly, but i've never been confident of hooking them altogether and seeing what they can do.

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It just works. I regularly stream to my STL 100 and connect via HDMI to either my 42" TV or 23" monitor. The monitor auto detects, I have to switch the TV manually to the HDMI 2 input, as the cable box is in HDMI 1

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I downloaded movies to my Z10 all the time, hook it up to my TV via HDMI cable.

Great way of carrying my movies around, especially on long journeys, as I tend to hook it up to my laptop as well.

Has anyone tried gaming through the TV hook up? Think I will try Real Racing and see how it looks

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I'm thinking of upgrading to a projector, so I can plug and play with my Z10

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If I'm not mistaken there's an article here about a guy who tried out the z30 and really did a great video of everything good about bb10. Let me search that a bit...

Z10 STL100-2 / running official

Can we create a thread on the new updates that we want in the HUB:

1. Ability to select apps which can have their own tabs in the hub. For example, I can hv a news app which can push news items to the hub

2. Black theme option

3. Ability to select where to return on swiping back. So after reading an email, if I swipe back, it generally takes me to the emails tab in the hub. I want it to go to priority tab or something else.

Checked! Task Pro: You have to try this app out! Believe me its amazing!!

Looks like a nice article DJ, but what's with the 11 pages.

Why not just list everything on one page or possibly two rather than having to click, click, click, click. click, click, click, click, click, click and maybe even another click.

Is this some cheeky way of Crackberry increasing their number of page views for advertisers. Me thinks so :-)

Alas, I only got to page 2 before realizing there was going to be lot of clicking and page loading going on. Fine if you're on a 20 meg connection, but booooooring if you're on a slow connection like me.

The button a) is not labelled, so it's not immediately clear what it does and b) does not appear unless you're logged in.

Two notes:

1. I have my Delete On option set to prompt, but if I select multiple emails to delete, it doesn't give me the option - only a Delete confirmation.

2. Where does it grab your last name from to decide which messages should be included in Priority Hub?

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Selecting multiple mails to delete is a hard delete - both, device and server (like in BBOS)


Hope once you activate "Always delete without asking", your Q doesn't develop double typing issues on the delete button, ....

Could be unpleasant...

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

This is a known issue, KB35669.
Just tried with on my Z10 this morning and it now appears to be working correctly.
It follows the setting (handheld, both, prompt) regardless of the method of delete; within the email, single from the hub, multi select (not been brave enough to test delete everthing older than)

Running on BES 10.2, Exchange 2010

I actually didn’t know about the navigation gestures. They’re a bit clunky, but better than those overlaying buttons.

At best, the overlay buttons are ugly on Z devices, but terrible on the Q devices where screen space is already limited.

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I love the gestures for next and previous msg. I didn't know about them... you got to get used to them

Powered by BB

Loved this article. It's always nice to see highlights of how blackberry would be useful in real world situations. Plus, I loved learning a few tricks I didn't know before. :-D

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Interesting, there were some things I forgot about in this article.

I think of that "sideways backward 'L' shape" as a 7 instead.

The article and the Hub option says "Pinch Filter CriteriA", which is originally plural in meaning.

That's not quite right, as you can only select one criteriON (singular), that is only one tick can be placed in the pull-down menu. It does not provide multiple select tickboxes.

CriteriA would be very welcome, I'd use Unread as well as Flagged. Having only one available at a time makes this less useful than it could be, to the extend I rarely use it. I need my unread and flagged messages at the same time.

Please make it criteriA and allow for multiple select!

HUB is great, and please make it even better for 10.3. Thanks BlackBerry!

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Why is colour code account for blue not blue? I'm always asking this myself. Some explain.


Also annoyed there's no yellow. It looks like they were going for classic highlighter colors. I need yellow!

I think blue cannot be used because it could be mixed up with the OS colour, bringing inconsistency to the UI.

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All I need is "Report As Spam" and for the menu icon row hide upon scrolling like in the browser.

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Something that I like in the hub is the priority hub. The bad news is that I can't get my whatsapp contacts in the hub. I can't find the option. Is there any way to add whatsapp contacts to the priority hub?

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I made the switch to BBM a long time ago, but not everyone I text with have made it. Oh, and I heavily promote BBM over any other messaging service.

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Are you on 10.2.1?

Go to Hub, tap three-dots overflow menu, select Settings, then Display and Actions, then use drop-down menu for Pinch Filter Criteria.

Is that what you were looking for? Hope that helps.

"No Q10?" -> "Buy from Chen... "

Amazing tips. I especially like the L gesture for the messages. Didn't know I could do that.

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I use BBM Groups all of the time. One frustration is that when I click the compose icon, BBM Groups is not one of the options. So I have to scroll through my hub and find an existing BBM Group conversation in order to continue or start a conversation.

Great article, thanks for putting it all together! I thought that I knew all of them...but I was wrong.

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Thanks for the tips!! I didn't know about the show in account only! That will will help with Facebook as I don't need to see the stuff there until in ready.

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Thanks for the tips! I didn't know that I could turn off the delete confirmation along with a few other things!

 OS 100-4/Verizon Z10

Thank you so much DJ... I didn't know quite a lot of stuff and left them unchanged in settings. Rearranged a few accounts, changed settings what shows in hub and what separately, switched off delete confirmations..

This post was much helpful.. :)

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Grandma... How's that sideways L downwards M swipe gesture going for you???

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What, the...I have definitely missed a few of those features--despite having had this little mofo since September. At this point I am thinking BB10 is the OS that just keeps givng.

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I knew there was a gesture for next/previous message but never managed to do it, the animated GIF in your post was very clear. Thanks!

Great list of tips I already use about half of them but it's still a great list especially for those new to BlackBerry. CrackBerry you stay awesome and helpful :)

Q10 Lover

Since the new update for BB10 my overflow button in HUB doesn't work, I wanted to change my Delete option

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I wished when they added the color theme to the hub they add the color to the icon for example whatsapp will be green instead of choosing a color beside :)

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Thanks DJ for this post. I like the "if you like to ", and "if you prefer " suggestions. They help us to analyze how we use our devices, then possibly make adjustments to our methods. You make us better.

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Thanks I did not know about the P, and N on the Q10 I've been using the "L" gesture to switch between messages. Although neither one works when the hub is filtered :(.

I didn't know I could colour code my accounts so this really helped me as it was sometimes hard to tell what was what when scrolling through my hub

I had no idea about 7 features of what you wrote. I don't know how I would have ever figured it out. I still can't believe that these phones are not more popular.

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DJ for President! Seriously, thanks much and especially so for the ability to view as a single page.

Swipe gestures are written incorrectly and they were available on my Sprint Q10 in OS 10.1. Get your facts right.

Hello peeps, please help me out :

I have saved two pages to browse them later offline, now there is no way to delete the HTML file and other files svaed in a folder. Any ideas how to delete the files?

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When filtering emails, the next - previous buttons don't work :( that needs to be fixed

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Dear Berry...
My Z10- STL 100-1with OS's wrong with my BlackBerry Hub..the notification shows all the applications but it doesn't work at all after my BBM didn't work properly then I can fix it already runs well...after that the BlackBerry Hub couldn't work when I tab BBM just shows black but weirdly only BBM can't work the rest ok....
Please reply....thank you for your soonest reply

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