10 Reasons why Google will buy BlackBerry

By Kevin Michaluk on 4 Jul 2011 02:48 pm EDT

10 Reasons Why Google Will Buy Research In Motion

As a long-time BlackBerry enthusiast and proud Canadian, I want to see Research In Motion (aka BlackBerry) turn around the negative sentiment that is now stalking them in the media and gain back the sales momentum and brand popularity they have enjoyed in the past.

But should this challenge prove too difficult in the months ahead or simply take too long to execute in the face of an eroding market cap, what will become of RIM? I've pondered this question a lot in recent weeks from every conceivable angle, and it was sitting on a patio sipping my fourth pitcher of Sangria on Canada Day that I concluded Google will buy Research In Motion. It won't be Microsoft - they've made their bet on Windows Phone and Nokia (and the Steve Ballmer at BlackBerry World thing was little more than a PR stunt). It won't be Co-CEOs Jim Balsillie and Mike Lazaridis buying back the company and going private again (though I'm sure they'd love to do that). It won't be any other company seriously stepping in with a bid. It'll be Google. Keep reading for my logical reasoning.

10 Reasons Why Google Will Buy BlackBerry

In no particular order....

1. QNX. QNX, the foundation of the new BlackBerry Tablet OS and future QNX-based BlackBerry "superphones" is literally a drop-in replacement for the Android's Linux Kernel. Thanks to its POSIX compliance, it would literally take just weeks for Android to make this conversion, and they would immediately enjoy the benefits of QNX on the Android platform: improved stability (microkernel vs. monolithic kernel), better security (notice how the PlayBook hasn't been rooted), ease of rolling out new hardware (QNX is already running on 32 cores) and more. Android has its vulnerabilities. Android with a QNX kernel is compelling.

2. Canada is nice, eh. Google already has offices in Kitchener (next to Waterloo), Ontario, where RIM's headquarters and main talent pool are located. It could be that Google has been thinking ahead.

3. Java. Java is at the heart of the Android, and Research In Motion has a lot of smart people who know Java.

4. Mobile patents. One of Google/Android's biggest weaknesses currently are their lack of patents in the mobile space. Google is starting to get inundated with lawsuits, and unfortunately, these lawsuits don't just get directed at Google but also the companies that are using the Android operating system on their devices. Google NEEDS to build up their mobile patent defenses. Buying RIM not only would give Google RIM's patents, it would also get Google into the recent Nortel patent acquisition that Google was not part of the winning bid on.

Google lost the bid on Nortel patents to a consortium of companies including Apple, Microsoft and RIM. It's pretty clear that this consortium was done as a block again Google to stave off Android growth and prevent Google from winning the bid. However, looking at Google's bids for the patents, which were based on pi (3.141519 billion) and other universal constants like the distance between the Earth and the Sun, it's like Google wasn't even taking the bid seriously. And why would you? If you're Google and you're about to buy RIM, who's stake in the Nortel bid was $770 million, you're getting your piece of over 6,000 Nortel patents for a $4 billion dollar discount. Google actually buying these Nortel patents at over $4.5 billion would have been a stupid move if they're planning on buying RIM in the near-ish future. A RIM acquisition has effectively been discounted by over $3.5 billion.

5. T.A.T. Google has worked extensively with The Astonishing Tribe in the past. TAT did the UI for the original version of Android on the T-Mobile G1. Google knows TAT. Google likes TAT. RIM owns TAT. Google buys RIM and now owns TAT.

6. Enterprise. Android becomes viable for enterprise. Currently when you mention Android in enterprise, most people just laugh. The security isn't there, nor is there a great way to manage it. RIM already announced they're working on cross-platform BES support at BlackBerry World this year. In a world where Google owns RIM and there's a QNX kernel on Android (see point #1), Android in enterprise is no longer laughable, it's awesome.

7. Carrier relationships. I don't think anybody would argue with the fact RIM has done a great job over the years at expanding its footprint around the globe. Google is obviously doing a great job at this too with Android, and Google would only further benefit from RIM's existing carrier relationships and RIM's existing base of people who currently work in these roles.

8. Proof of concept complete / Commitment to Android. RIM has already announced support for Android apps on the BlackBerry PlayBook (and future QNX-based BlackBerry Smartphones). I believe this was done without Google's blessing, but it shows that Android on BlackBerry is already doable. It also shows RIM is already going to rely on Android for "app tonnage," which could be seen as a turn off to other potential RIM suitors.

9. Reduce fragmentation. Google has made it clear that they want to reduce the fragmentation in the Android ecosystem, and BlackBerry running Android apps on Google only complicates this issue further. Because RIM is having developers resubmit their Android-built apps to App World (effectively making them BlackBerry apps), there's little Google can currently do to prevent this. Google buying RIM allows this to be addressed.

10. Assuming Google wants to, they could now own the end-to-end experience. Google currently builds no hardware. Instead, they give away the operating system to companies like HTC, Samsung, LG, etc. who build the hardware. Google may not want to change this approach, but if they wanted to, they could actually own the hardware and software stack and build their own hardware via a RIM acquisition.

Bonus Reason 11. Google's Eric Schmidt was a CrackBerry addict. Seriously, even in 2009 as Android was emerging from it's shell, Eric Schmidt was rocking a BlackBerry (remember when he got caught on camera using it). I'm not saying everybody at Google likes BlackBerry, but I'm sure they get BlackBerry.

Schmidt with his BlackBerry
Google's Eric Schmidt snapping a photo on his BlackBerry


That's a lot of logical reasoning as to why Google buying RIM makes a ton of sense. Are there any reasons why it would be a bad idea? Prior to last week, my main sticking point would be the corporate culture. I think pockets of RIM -- like QNX and TAT -- would fit with Google's college culture perfectly. But the historical RIM is more stuffy and enterprise focused. Though after last week's Open Letter to RIM Senior Management, I more than ever get the feeling that RIM not only needs but WANTS a cultural change. It'll be hard for RIM to make that change happen by themselves, but the Google culture is well known. RIM has a lot of smart people who would be unleashed in a Google culture. I think if Google bought RIM you'd see thousands of currently-depressed RIM employees be as excited as heck again. It would be just the thing that RIM employees need. They wouldn't be fighting a world that seems to have turned against them - they'd be back on a winning team again.

So is it GoogBerry? GooseBerry? BerryGoo?

I can't see the future and I don't know how this is all going to play out. Maybe the worst is now behind us and RIM will get their act together and turn things around. That is what I'd like to see happen, and I'm brainstorming up ways to help make that happen. But if not, I really believe the worst-case scenario for RIM would be a Google acquisition. And honestly, I don't think it would be a worst-case at all. I actually think it would rock.

Long before I was a fan of BlackBerry I was a fan of Google (pretty sure I started using Google for search within in a week of it going live), so if RIM has to get bought, I personally want it to be Google that buys them. I don't think as much good would come out of companies like Cisco or Dell acquiring RIM (and I think Microsoft is out). It's a selfish reason, but to me it's valid. I'd rather see RIM be independent, but if they have to get bought, let it be Google.

It feels like the world wants to consolidate around less mobile platforms, not more. Having iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone, WebOS, each with their separate mobile development platforms, is arguably too many. On the internet, I build one website and it works with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, etc. If I want to put my content into an app and hit everybody, I need to build too many dang versions to hit everybody. For content publishers and people who want to have all the apps, having less platforms is easier. If you're #1 or #2, you're set, but if you're going to be relegated to a number three, four or five, you're better off joining #1 or #2.

As RIM's share price continues to decline, RIM becomes more attractive as an acquisition target to somebody. And the more I think on it, the more I believe Google has an eye on RIM and likely knows what they want to pay for the company. When it came to Groupon, Google reportedly offered $5 billion to the company (which they turned down). In that case, they went in fast with a lot of money to get in early on something that was taking off - there wasn't technology there, but rather an emerging network. This is a much different scenario. Android already has momentum and BlackBerry is in the declining position. Google won't lose out by waiting to buy RIM. However, Google does have a lot to gain from buying RIM, but they're in a position where they can afford to wait and buy it at a discount. I'm pretty sure Google is thinking shares of RIMM will continue to decline. And hey, maybe I'm way off base here and Google isn't currently looking at RIM at all. But maybe after this article they will be.

Should Google buy RIM, I'd hate to see the BlackBerry name go away, and I don't think it would (why kill something so well-known?), but following all these logical reasons of why Google will buy RIM I'm still not sure how the actual BlackBerry brand would tie into an Android/BlackBerry future. I'll keep thinking on that. In the meantime, be sure to sound off with your comments! What do you think? Is this destiny or just crazy talk?

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10 Reasons why Google will buy BlackBerry


Well ... I think that there are a lot of companies that would just love to own RIM. It's a great company, and earns tonnes of cash. I'm sure that when one company steps up to the plate to put its bid in, a whole mess of companies will be coming forward.

How about Nokia and Microsoft buying RIM?
It will give them the greatest chance of getting into the market in a big way.

40 - 45 Billion would be the going rate for this company ... don't you think?

Your Thoughts.

o .... and by the way Kevin .... your sentense - Google lost the bid on Nortel patents to a consortium of companies including Apple, Microsoft and RIM. It's pretty clear that this consortium was done as a block again Google to stave off - it's suppose to be - was done as a block AGAINST Google - ...... Please correct.



Wow... this was truly awesome Kevin. Definitely an awesome read and thought provoking, I'm pondering the fate of RIM even more now.

Honestly though, when I think about Google buying RIM, it's like:

Google fragmentation + RIM fragmentation = Ultimate Mobile S***storm!

Ideally, the way to go would be to buy RIM and just make an OS that manufactures can't customize but then they would lose out on a ton of money.

But a we'll researched and erudite argument? We deserve a bit better CB...

Android devices are best used for:

SMS Texting
Accessing porn

Look at the install base...ask any seventeen to twenty year-old manboy - hence the req for giant screen, overs-exed CPUs and lack of stuff that matters really.

People who use BBMe (in the free world) get their sugar the old fashioned way, and game on a PC.

Fragmentation. Integration. Well, look at Oracle: Linux and Solaris. PeopleSoft and JDE and EBS. Fusion Middleware and BEA WebLogic. It all happens to be business as usual just fine.

Ericsson will buy RIM. Better fit and the shareholders will go for it because they understand enterprise telecomm.

This was all IMOH of course. But I do really like the form factor and quality of my Bold 9900 as compared to iPhone and Galaxy II. Oh, and my Playbook rocks! If you love BB you'll own one and love it too!


Anybody wanna go for shawarma?

This is bad.... CB jumping ship....

Google would simply take RIM's resources and rip it apart... why the hell would they keep blackberry competing against their other android manufacturers? Easier to get them out of the picture.

agreed. the prospect of google buying rim is laughable. blackberrys have a long standing reputation for security. if it was to be bought out, most people would lose trust in this security modal and abandon it in favour of iphones (which would be bad considering steve jobs' “i cannot be wrong - i am always right because i said so" attitude.

If google does acquire RIM, I doubt the blackberry name will be cut out. Just like HP took over compaq, compaq computers are still being made. So BlackBerry and Android will likely keep it's name too.

It's said to read the former crackberry leader and fan no.1 to write such things.

I think you guys are missing the point and cant see RIM vision and the massive task the transition to QNX is.

It should be the leadership of this blog to explain what's happening and what this transition means.

Frankly I feel you guys are not doing your job and you start spitting in the plate from where you get your food. No good.

i seriously had the same thoughts as you... i dont see msft as a potential suitor they might bid just to see if they can get it for cheap.. but for a serious match.. it will be google.. .sad to see another big canadian company get swallowed up though.

anybody knows of any other respectable blackberry fan site? Coz I think this one's changing name soon.

look up "I'm a little concerned with the direction Crackberry.com has been going lately..." in the forums...

You've all been warned!

Thanks for the forum suggestion. I can see what the concerns are and have to admit that I have been feeling the same on all fronts, but there is something that RIM has that all the other platforms don't, an identity. Android is so multi-platfrom that the phones are not even called by their names, i.e. HTC, their just android phones. Iphone doesn't know what it wants to be, ipod, camera, media player, all of which takes away from being good at any one thing. RIM has always been good at it's BES network and the security that comes with it. Sadly, that's not enough anymore. I will not defending RIM, they have lawyers for that, but I like the recipe they have. I want to see the 9930 come out and mark the way up. A friend of mine went to the last convention that RIM held and she said that a Microsoft VP was sharing the stage with big Mike. The rumor there was that Microsoft had a bid on RIM. Either way, merger/no merger, RIM is a good product. I would like to see them survive into to the far future.

no offense dude , but u have no clue what you are talking about regarding the iphone. it does all those things so well and thats the reason it is DOMINATING. i have a blackberry 9700 and an iphone 4 and aside from email and bbm and a good battery life(not as good as the 8330 days) blackberry doesnt have anything to it.

saying the iphone doesnt know what it wants to be just makes u lose all credibility. people get the phone because it can do all of those and it does it extremely well.

I'm not taking away from the iphone but the same thing is still true. In my household, I have the 9650 and a ipod touch 2nd gen, my wife has the iphone. The only difference between the iphone and ipod is the call capability. Even that is touch and go, even though it's the same carrier, Verizon. I only spoke on comparing the two. It's obvious that the iphone has some severe identity issues. I'll do everything on my ipod that my wife does on her iphone and the ipod has a significant battery advantage. It's not a matter of simply being able to do what it says but to do it in a manner that is effective in the market that it claims to be in. The ipod is a great device, the iphone has to do better with it's OS and inter-software support. I know that user experience varies but in my time with the device, I'm just not impressed. You can at least see that I was right on the Android issue.

There is a niche for which Blackberry is the only solution that works. I just don't see Google, or anyone else, being able to absorb RIM in a meaningful way.

Think about trying to absorb things like BES in a meaningful way. A company like Google would most likely take a few things from Blackberry and implement them, while dissolving the rest of the company. This would leave a huge void. To reiterate, there are some situations where ONLY Blackberry provides a solution that makes sense. (usually on the corporate end) And the end-to-end services offered by RIM would be,again, difficult or nearly impossible to absorb into another company in a way where said services would be useful or meaningful.

if google bought RIM they aren't going to keep making blackberry phones, that would be ridiculous. they'll buy up their patents and implement pieces where they want, google has almost 40 billion in the bank, RIM has 3, they are perfectly capable of absorbing RIM

You know you don't buy a company paying for the liquidity they have, don't you?
RIM is worth way more than 3 billion dollars...

there should be a 2nd article, 10 reasons why a shareholder would rather google buy RIM now than later, if you think google will, is going to, or should buy RIM then why let RIM sink even lower, because whether recoverable or not, RIM is going to get a lot worse before it ever gets better, so why doesn't RIM just put up the for sale sign now?

Because even a peabrain knows that they can afford to wait until the Liquidator is called in, and buy for peanuts. Google wouldn't want RIM for the product because they know anything with "Google" in the label is the laughing stock of secure communications. Any user needing really secure communication would walk away the day the deal was announced and the company value drops by 90%

Wait... isn' it Google getting investigated around the world for illegal wifi collection,datamining user activity and selling for targetted advertising...

This isn't going to happen and I doubt anyone will buy RIM to be honest.

Google has offices in Waterloo for the same reason every other tech company does: all the engineering students at the University of Waterloo (literally seperated from RIM by a set of train tracks).

No, please no! Everything except Android!!!
Let me use my BlackBerry!

I buy Android when I want a (low-quality) toy. I buy a BlackBerry when I want a Smartphone (with capital S).

What are you smoking?!

There's nothing "low-quality" about Android. Do you think that maybe there's a reason that Android is activating 500,000 phones a day? http://www.androidcentral.com/half-million-android-devices-activated-eve...

RIM doesn't even have phones that are out to market yet that are even SINGLE CORE 1Ghz and in the meantime Android is rocking DUAL CORE.

You're stuck in denial. Just know you have 3 more steps until you get to #5, acceptance. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/K%C3%BCbler-Ross_model

The fact they have so many new activations has nothing to do with the quality of the OS rather the number of different manufacturers that build Android phones... because it's free to do so.

I don't really know all the phone OS' but they'd be the new Symbian(?) I guess. (The one that gets the largest user base primarily because it is used by the most manufacturers.

I've been trying Android out for the past week and while I like some of it, it wouldn't be the platform I'd choose if I had to leave BlackBerry. There are just a few too many things that need to be polished. If you compare things logically, BB's are actually quite good and better than Android in terms of function. The only thing BB's don't have (which they need desperately) is speed and better app support. In all other areas, I'd take a BB over Android because it is more efficient and effective. Hopefully RIM addresses this.

Agreed, other platforms are misrepresented in market analysis, android especially due to statistical generalization. I'm not downplaying android but people need to recongnize the generalization. The statistics are only based on software adoption not device adoption. I also believe RIM has a winning platform but they have the execution all wrong. Internal issues are only the half of it. I am a big fan of BB/RIM but when is it going to turn into nostalgia? Personally, I want BB to turn it around but these are hard times in the Tech market and there may have been too many missteps. I'm getting my 9930 on launch and hopefully will finally see that RIM is still as solid a platform as it has always been.

I don't smoke :)

Honestly, I don't care at all if my phone as a single core cpu or a dual-core 4GHz cpu... come on it's a CELL PHONE!
It has to be smooth, but then who cares if it has 1 Mhz more?? CPU speed in cell phones is the same thing as megapixels in digital cameras: marketing uses it because it works with "idiot" users.

The only thing that matters is the operating system and how it runs on the hardware. That's the lesson I learnt from Apple, and that everyone else should learn. (I'm a Mac user, by the way, and a former iPhone user).

The fact that there are 500,000 activations of Android every day doesn't mean anything to me. I would love to know how many of them come from low-cost chinese phones, sold in countries like India and China. Since Android is free, now all Chinese cellphones that copy iPhones and other western phones use it instead of the proprietary os that was used before... But those phones should not be considered, as those users will not surf the Internet a lot, will not buy apps probably, etc.

BlackBerry OS may not be perfect, but it's reliable, and the messaging part (SMS/MMS, email, IM) is the best I've ever found in a phone.

By the way, yes, I tried Android. I also tried the iPhone (I'm an iOS developer, actually).

Good thoughts Kevin, but the only compelling reason I see in there is access to the patent portfolio. You're right - this is something Google needs. It is only a question of time before Apple will come after them.

Unfortunately, I don't see a RIM - Google deal. What is more likely to happen to RIM is what happened to Palm or to PSION:

1) Like Palm, we can expect RIM to dwindle in market share, and eventually get sold to some hardware maker, maybe Dell or Lenovo, that is looking to get into the smart phone business and also free themselves from Windows dependency. This is what HP is trying to do with WebOS. However, just like HP will fail with WebOS, so too a Dell/Lenovo/Other manufacturer will fail with QNX

2) The noises about BES returning to other platforms could be a hint that RIM may spilt the OS, Services and handset units. In that case, expect a PSION situation: The OS and Services are sold or become available for consumer devices manufactured by others, while the hardware business stays within RIM and, like PSION, becomes only for stuffy, hardcore, specialized business use.

Your #2 would probably be a good thing. Why not offer their service to all smartphones. But, why would anyone want to buy just the hardware and OS. QNX would be all they are interested in and maybe some of the IP portfolio.

disappointed that this is coming from the Crackberry leader, the article looks childish, why would google spend $30 billion to give others as a free bee. If google license Android as paid version then vendors will look elsewhere may be a Meego, I don't see this happening.

Sounds pretty logical... It would be a win-win situation... But as you said, what would happen to the brand? to the devices? Blackberry is a great hardware (plus the security in software), Android is a great software... I'd love to see this happening... But kinda frightful... Not sure...

The problem with integrating QNX with andrioid is the android is open-source, so unless google closed andorid down (and pissed of many of it's geek fans) or open-sourced QNX (potentially giving a leg up to their competitors) then they won't be able to integrate the two.

Never. Won t happen. Hopefully. Could it happen? The systems seem so far apart, one is open and the other secure as an otterbox defender case. How could they merge both? I dont see it happening, I see Blackberry, in 3d position, then android vs ios with android taking the lead.

That would be my worst nightmare come true!!!! I love BlackBerry and what they stand for. I will stick by their side until the day they die. My BlackBerry has always been reliable to me. Dont get me wrong I love Google and what they stand for but I love the security and functionality of my BlackBerry. Id rather see them run to the ground than lose the name that is the great BlackBerry.


We all need to stay focus, and stick together.
As soon as the new BBs are released ..... go buy one. Then go tell all your friend to buy one.


We all need to stay focus, and stick together.
As soon as the new BBs are released ..... go buy one. Then go tell all your friend to buy one.

I don't know if I'm missing something but I think its a good idea, but then again I don't want it to happen and BlackBerry no longer exists! If the 2 platforms could comee into one (like they plan on doing with the playbook, but still haven't done) then I honestly would love that. Just my thought, I don't want anyone to hastle me about it though (only if you agree with me), please and thank you!

I agree with most of those reseasones but think that Google like to use Linux rather than QNX
Also Google will not do it because they had the chance to work with Nokia and they said no thanks but if they do it will be for enteroise and the patents

I hope you are wrong. Google is craptastic in my opinion. They are an ad agency. I don't think they blew off the bidding with the intent of buying RIM down the road.

hahahaha, craptastic, yes offering enterprise level functionality for free, a social network almost everyone is saying can and in fact WILL take over facebook, a mobile platform that has accelerated quicker than anything ever with a HUGE lead, a friendly SDK...yeah sounds like a really crappy situation over at google, if google wanted the nortel patents as is they'd have gotten them, end of story.

Yes. Like I said. In my opnion they are craptastic. You obviously like them quite a bit. It's ok for people to like different things. I don't like the majority of the google products I've used...at all. That's one of the reasons I'm on this site. I like BB.

Enterprise level functionality for free is a bit of a stretch. You still wont find any company or government that has a focus on security using it (if there are some, that is a bit scary considering it is not secure). It would be better to say 'basic enterprise level functionality'. That isn't to say they wont make it better, it just isn't there yet.

For the rest... well, to each their own. I use Google search and some Gmail functions. The rest of their products don't interest me in the least and history has already shown that Google doesn't hit a home run with everything they do. This isn't to put them down, just to clarify they are not God... Same thing for Apple (cough-AppleTV-crap-cough) and anybody else.

You've all been taken (including Kevin) hook line and sinker by the American Wall Street Analysts and Brokers. They've been relentessly bashing RIM, day in and day out, to preserve the billions they dumped into Apple after the Housing fiasco. They now need us little guys to dump our hard earned money into Apple stock to beef it up before they bring it down. Don't fall for all this BS. Those greedy idiots on wall street only care about themselves. They will soon start bashing Apple and shorting Apple stock the way they shorted RIM. Remember folks, large multi-national corporations and governments are running on RIM's secure ecosystem, RIM has no debt, has 3 Billion in cash, just sold 13.2 million smart phones and a powerful lineup of future products ready to go this fall. The bashing will subside soon, RIM is "too important " to be crushed by those greedy clowns.

quite a conspiracy scenario, the wall street is conspiring to take down RIM so their apple stock rises? are you f'n serious? i'd say just about everyone you're referring to has or HAD RIMM stock, if RIMM is failing of course they're going to bash it because it's THEIR JOB to tell people to sell failing stocks or stocks that look bad on the horizon. it's not a conspiracy, i'd buy your story if RIMM had a new device this year or an actual forecast for change. but they don't, the situation RIM is in is purely of their own doing. i'm not sure who you think RIM is "too important" to, but it certainly isn't consumers, and there are only 2 big companies in existence that use blackberry exclusively, and they're both considering allowing exchange in their network.

That's wierd, I work for a huge multi-national high-tech company that runs exclusively on RIM Smart Phones. We have no intentions of making any changes. Maybe you can't count to three.

well the wall street wackos are going to determine whether or not RIM continues as a single entity or gets bought, so...

Yup ..... and here is that article:

Some people want you to think that Canada's hightech star, the company that invented the BlackBerry, is in deep trouble. The big bad bears on Wall Street smell blood, and they are clawing at Research In Motion, driving down the share price with bad news, so they can buy at the bottom of the market. Then there are the takeover artists, who argue RIM is doomed. Why prolong the pain, they say? Why not find a brighter future safe in the arms of IBM or Microsoft? Their goal is to buy at the bottom and drive up RIM's share price so they can profit from a takeover bid.

For the past three months, we have witnessed some major attacks on Research In Motion. Are they justified? Well, no .

Read more: http://www.ottawacitizen.com/technology/Keep+innovation+motion/5044455/s...

This is laughable at best.

1. Google needs RIM more than RIM needs Google. Google really doesn't have the luxury to wait for RIM to decline.

2. Google would actually have to give up some stock in order to complete the purchase. They would not be able to have an all cash offer accepted.

3. The Canadian government would have a big say in the sale. They would not allow 20k jobs to leave the country.

4. Google's purchase would alienate existing carriers. Intended or not.

5. Blackberry will outdo Android within 3 years for market share. Oracle lawsuit Will eventually make the Andriod platform come to a grinding halt.

6. Google's CEO does not have the skills to pull the purchase off.

seriously, though, all kidding aside, every single point you made is completely inaccurate, are you even on earth? i don't mean offense but i mean c'mon, are you trolling or something?

That's funny, take a business 101 class and you'll learn why everything that was stated above is more accurate then you would ever care to admit.

You make a lot of sense.
Google google, come out come out wherever you are.

We need a BIG FAT cheque up here in Canada.

"5. Blackberry will outdo Android within 3 years for market share. Oracle lawsuit Will eventually make the Andriod platform come to a grinding halt.

6. Google's CEO does not have the skills to pull the purchase off."

Are you retarded or trolling?

Wow! I never thoyght I'd be saying this: Kevin stop drinkin that Android Kool-aid! I don't know what got into u for awhile but since a couple of podcast ago you've been talking android this android that! Google this and Google that! WTF?? Aren't u Crackberry Kevin anymore??
I think on a business stand point it would make sense for Google but not for RIM!! It would be a disaster to make both platform co-exist into the same company! At the end, Goggle would of discontinued BB!
Something people tend to forget, is that BBM is not only a messaging platform but also a social platform proper to BB due to their infrastructure! (BIS, BES, NOC). So there is a hole world of users in a lot of country where BB is still THE dominant platform and people have refused to adopt Android for obvious reasons: lack of a social platform that will tie you to ur phone which is the piece of tech that is almost never far away from us users! Even facebook is trying to acquire this status even though that's what they already have on our computers! Even though integrations on mobile platforms have been done, it is still not to the scale BBM is since people also trust BB due to their security background for enterprises!
So I highly hope you stop drinkin that Sangria (aka Google Kool-aid) Kevin cause as the leader of Crackberry, u can not turn your back to what brought u to this status today! And as a Canadian, I would expect to see more support from you towards RIM on that instead of proclaiming them already "Sold" to google in the near future! I obviously hate the idea! I rather see RIM crash than seing this!

Don't worry. I'll be in Waterloo next week and my love for BlackBerry will be at an all time high! Will be drinking the BlackBerry-juice for sure and Google Kool-aid will be drained down the sink.

I'm not any less in love with BlackBerry than I've ever been, but at the same time I'm very realistic in looking at all the angles of how things will play out. I'm not just a blind believer - always gotta be earning my love. Like I said in the article, I don't want to see this happen at all, but if it's going to happen, I think this is how it would happen.  



Thanks for the quick response Kevin!
I do agree with on the point of not following blindly! That is the main reason why I stay informed and educate my self on the BB infrastructure and brand as a hole and in details, but I do the same to learn about other platform to be able to have a better picture of the hole industry! Cause as much as I love the BB brand and I plainly support Canadien brands since I live in Montreal, we still need to keep are mind open to what's outside to better understand what we need to do to make our brands better but also our selfs!
I know RIM can get better as long as management doesn't have their head stuck up eachothers u know what! I've written so many feedbacks from my BB through the feedback tool (whetherr it was regarding the hardware, software or the companies position in the mobile market) I think at this point I made them loose more time readings my feedbacks on what to do and how to do it better, than working on our next BB's to enjoy! Lol



Morpheus: "And you are?"
Sentient "Agent": "A SMITH"
Morpheus: "You all look the same to me"
---The Matrix

Kevin's predictions have been fairly accurate in the past. I sincerely hope this one isn't.

But for good measure - let me look into my crystal ball.....
No. This will not happen.

Rest easy Crackberry nation.

"it was sitting on a patio sipping my fourth pitcher of Sangria on Canada Day..."

Yes, I think this is the most telling part of the article ;) Nice to see a bit of creative thought though, Sangria induced or not!

If Google buys RIM, it will be a GRIM day for all us Blackberry fans. (Get it, GRIM?) Haha....

Reason #1 this will never happen:

Industry Canada will never allow it.

I'm not saying its a bad idea, heck it would probably be a brilliant merger, but the feds will never allow it.


Ahhh Kevin, Come on man. All this hype is simply ridiculous! RIM is coming out with some stellar devices in the next couple months that will put RIM back on the map. I truly believe that this media frenzy will be ended shortly.

I have 100% faith that RIM is finally taking action and will be back to its old self in the next 6-12 months.

Why is everyone so wrapped up in this media hype?


I am in agreement with you...

Having such a long period between product lines has created a 'glitch in the system' as it were. Once the new phones are released, it will be business as usual...

Its funny to read some of the reasons why people say No. This is akin to the people saying no to AT&T buying T-Mo. One may not like it, but it may be the best thing in the end. In the case of T-Mo, they were going to sell to someone (prior to AT&T announce, there were tons saying why Sprint shouldn't buy it when they were rumoured to be kicking the tires), so the experience would have forever changed anyway. But, back to this merging of Blackberry and ANdroid. This would actually make Android better, so you can't argue how Android is now as reason not to do it. Imagine an Android device with all that you love from Blackberry. A real proper Droid Pro (LOL!) or a better XPRT if you will. A lot have been saying RIM should go with ANdroid. What better way than to have all the best pieces of both. BBM for everyone. I joke. I joke. I think it would be a win for all but who currently owns a blackberry device though as support would end just as it did for the Sidekicks at some point.

There is nothing worse than a lack of competition in an innovative market, as innovation is driven by competition...

The competition doesn't have to be the OS though. RIght now Android devices are competing against one another. Many may not recall, but prior to Android, there was a push to create a single OS for all phones. Since we are now in an app ecosystem world, the make or break of a device maker is in the hands of developers instead of the hardware makers controlling their destiny. I think we would see better devices for it.

The only reason RIM has responded with a new lineup of phones scheduled to come out later this season is due to iOS, Android, Windows 7, and WebOS.

Think of it this way. Let's say Apple decided that it would like to purchase every other phone manufacturer out there. At first, things are fantastic, as they integrate the vast amount of technologies of each acquisition into their own product and make a super phone. Fast forward to the end of the product life-cycle, when the technology starts to become dated, Apple decides it's time to release a new product, however, since there is no competition to force them to innovate with an alternative to their product offering, all they do is release the same phone with a bumped up processor.

People are forced to buy it and Apple knows this.

When there's a lack of competition, the only factor in building a product is what will cost the company the least and turn the most profit.

Of course this example is only theoretical and it's purpose it to show the importance of competition. Lucky for us, there is no limit to alternatives in the free world, and as one offering becomes stale, a new one will be introduced.

Am I misunderstanding something about Canadian legal issues, why are people saying that the Federal Goverment or Industry Canada would block any potential take-over bid because they do not want to see a Canadian company disappear? That can't be right - Canadian companies disappear all the time without a peep out of the Federal Goverment. Why would RIM be any different? About the only law that I can see that can potentially have an effect on a take over bid is our foreign ownership laws - but even these seem to be highly subjective when being applied by Industry Canada.

Yes the Canadian GOV can stop it from happening. Most GOV have to give their approval on big take overs and mergers. When Sirius took over XM few years back the US GOV spent 18months reviewing things before green light it. To make sure it was the best thing for consumers. However it only took 3 weeks for them to approve the Mobil/Exxon merger that wasn't good for consumers, but speed comes down to how much money you have to slide in to politicians pockets I guess.

In RIM's current state a Google take over would not be approved, but if they where on the edge of going bankrupt than it would most likely get approved. But I don't see it happening, what I do see is more of a merger of minds that would bring the best of Droid OS and QNX/BES in to one.

finally, nice to see a crackberry nation at least thinking about such a possibility....dont doubt it, it will happen and when it does start buying rim again...free tip

Next contest should be about new name for BB! :)

RIM still has a chance to succeed, but will they take full advantage of it? Personally I believe RIM should drop all these different types of phones and focus on two only. The bold line and 4 inch slab, maybe keep the curve for developing markets. The bold running QNX should be a 3 inch screen, amoled/super amoled, and keep the same resolution as the bold touch. Since qnx doesn't need buttons because of the gestures this should be possible. The 4 inch slab should be 800x480 minimum. I hope they don't try to run QNX on a single core processor, or else it's game over. Lastly they need a fully functional and complete OS, not 90 percent finished. Don't use your consumers as beta testers. Announce a product, and release it within a month or sooner. Don't wait 2 months or more to release a device. I love RIM and can't wait to purchase the bold touch, but I lose more and more BBM contacts every month. I hope they do it right...

Right on my man! All those screen resolutions are a headache for devs sometimes. I also think they should take it easy on the numbering when naming phones. If I say 9800 the average person will be like ".." But if I say Torch they could be like "Oh like the one on the commercials?"

IF, and I mean IF, Google decided to buy RIM. It'd only be to put them out of their misery and end that embarrassment of a 1990s cell phone manufacturer.

I LOVED my Bold 9700. LOVED IT. But even when it was BRAND NEW is was 5 years old. Loving Android and wouldn't look back. Honestly disgusted by the way RIM treats their loyal customers. Remaking the same phone over and over with a whopping 10 more pixels on the screen and some TINY 480x360 touchscreen! Really? I got big hands and the touchscreens on these BBs is retarded.

Love"D" my BB. Lov"ING" my Android now.

Crazy talk. RIM will remain an independent company. They are still making a profit. They are still a viable business.

you realize that when most companies sell it's while they're still making a profit right? it would be a horrible business decision for any company to buy a company that isn't profitable. the question for sales is usually: does the seller have a viable future, or how can we liquidate what they have into our current business model. i'm sorry but RIM seems to show every single 'we're for sale sign' you can think of as far as their finances are concerned. delayed models, dwindling profit margins, customers leaving, investors leaving, downsizing/layoffs. it's textbook

If RIM is going to be sold, I hope Samsung will buy RIM, not Google.
I don't want Blackberry to turn into Android. Samsung will spit out new QNX Blackberry phones every month.

I too would prefer Google buying Rim instead of M$. I'm hoping it doesn't come to either, but unless RIM speeds up this transition......

As a former CrackBerry user/abuser, I check in periodically to see how RIM is doing. Sad to say over the past 9 months since I've switched over to Android, I've seen nothing but DECLINE. I loved the tactile response of the QWERTY keyboard but that wasn't enough to keep me on board. Using outdated processors, screens, RAM, OS's, etc. was enough for me to jump ship!

A few people are up in arms about Kevin posting this. I think Kevin has finally come to the realization (and acceptance) that RIM has capsized and the only way to survive is have someone else come in and take over. Kevin has made excellent points on why Google should (and hopefully they do) buy RIM. 20k jobs will NOT leave Canada because Google opened up offices not far from Waterloo and it would make sense to keep those jobs there. As an American, I understand the hardship outsourcing causes. Let's keep these jobs on OUR CONTINENT, as opposed to sending them to Asia.

The entity I would hope BB would become by purchasing QNX has not arrived and will never come. You all do realize (along with Kevin) that what should be released in August is a BOLD line of phones with Dual Core processors running QNX, 1 GB of RAM, SAMOLED screens and cameras capable of 1080p recording, along with the other great features BB has to offer (push email, BBM, secure exchange).

Don't take your grief out on Kevin. I think he's an honest leader of the CrackBerry nation and he is smart enough to know that it's too late for the ship's course to be directed in the correct path. If Google does buy RIM, it will be their saving grace!

Just out of curiosity, if Google would want to buy Rim, who has a say in this? Is it Jim and Mike? Is it someone else? Who controls the majority of Rim?

By definition, for someone to buy Rim, Rim would have to be for sale no?

I would say dream on, not gonna happen

Ever heard of a Hostile Takeover? No, a company does not have to be for sale. Another company can just buy up a majority of the shares. But, plenty of companies that had no for sale sign have been bought in the past. Heck, some were rebuffed plenty. AT&T Broadband rebuffed Comcast plenty before selling to them.

Mike and Jim own approximately 11% together.

Tell the other 89% of the outstanding shareholders that you are going to give them $75 per share, and they will say, "You own us now. I sell you may shares for $75"

Nice Thought Kevin but its amount the "too obvious". One has to look at the none obvious:

Facebook will merge with RIM. They are both in the instant messaging business and Facebook is looking to grow. This merger would be a win win for both shareholder where RIM shareholder would become the first shareholders of RIM/FB merger. A value could be put for FB and for RIM. RIM shareholder would own a % of FB/RIM company. FB would get a deal and RIM shareholds would gain big. FB is looking to get into phone. Think about it...it just makes sence.

.. I refuse to have any version of Android EVER on my BlackBerry, or to see the brand name go away. All that emulation stuff for their apps I'm fine with, but nothing more.

I still have faith in RIM and if they play their cards right, QNX can be a smash hit

I've got an upgrade in 2012 and rest assured I'm getting me a new BlackBerry, providing the world doesn't end, of course.

You got it right, when the rest of CrackBerry Nation sobers from Kevin's Kool-Aid (spiked with Wall Steet propaganda RIM bash).....they'll come to their senses.

You do realize you have no say in this right? You might not like it, but you can't stop it from happening any more than this article will make it happen.

Que estranho, qual a intenção de especular a compra da RIM pela Google ? Ninguem anda falando isso no mundo corporativo, a RIM ainda tem tanto gás pela frente e tantos smartphones maravilhosos a ser lançado, por que especular sua compra pela google ?

Este post é decepcionante, não entendi por que a Crackberry esta falando sobre este assunto.

Espero que a RIM de a volta por cima e continue fazendo smartphones excelentes e prestando um serviço de dados e segurança em criptografia sem igual.


That strange, which intend to speculate the RIM's purchase by Google? Nobody is talking about this in the corporate world, RIM still has both gas ahead and so many wonderful smartphones to be released, why speculate its purchase by google?

This post is disappointing, not understood why the Crackberry this talking about this subject.

I hope that the RIM of the turnaround and continue making excellent smartphones and providing a data service and unrivalled encryption security.

I appoint myself the interim CrackBerry nation Leader, when Kevin sobers up I'll hand the rudder back to him. The RIM ship is NOT sinking folks, we're just reloading the canons. We'll soon board the Andriod and iOS ships and cut them to shreds.......rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr mates

RIM has made all the right purchases in the last couple of years. They have everything they need to make the best phones on the market (hardware, OS, UI). They just need to execute it.

If they fail to do so, continue to slide and get sold off down the road... well, then they would have seriously F'd up. It will be Nortel all over again. Top of their game and then mismanaged to their grave.

I hope that doesn't happen. Partly because it would be another Canadian company f-up and partly because I actually like my BB. (Outside of the speed and apps, I'd take it over Android any day because it is actually better in many ways).

Oh well... it's only a phone after all... Better to go outside and get fresh air then to stress about it.

Kevin, you’ve really stoked life into this fire of disbelief. Yet how provocative - it has given a needed venting amongst ourselves.

It makes me sick to think of RIM going anywhere but the future. Like all things, life is change and with it drives gains. Unfortunately cash is king and if RIM is required to move onward let it be a symbiotic marriage.

Apart from the pain in my stomach of late, I’m anticipating some great developments in our BB world for years to come.

The future is rock solid and soon to be cool.

I got a Droid X when it hit the market and hated the Google experience compared to Winpho7 or iPhone. If they buy RIM, I'm going Microsoft for my smartphone. Since smartphones are like a religion to some, I won't bother giving the long list of reasons why I can't stand Android just to have a bunch of people get excited and do their best to "prove me wrong", but damn Kevin, this whole concept of yours just ruined my day man.

Agree 100%... Tried Android but didn't suit me at all and can't see me going that way if RIM goes under. I really hope Windows Phone is good.

I'm in the "not happening" camp for exactly the reasons you indicated.

Such a logical synergy creates a large amount of potential goodwill value, substantially driving up the acquisition price. It most cases, it make the acquirer reconsider and typically not more forward.

It would be very sad to see another Canadian icon get bought out and it's branding fade into the sunset.

What I find interesting was your perspective on Rim's assets. You found TAT, QNX and the Nortel patent access to be of most interest. All of these properties have been acquired around a year ago and have yet to make a discernible contribution to Rim.

It makes one wonder what's going to happen when these properties start to produce results.

Very compelling and well written article. However, the bigger question would be does Google want to buy RIM, and would other Companies sit by and allow that to happen? RIM being a public company would be open to the hightest bidder. It would be interesting to see the interest they get from others were they to be on the market. However, I dont think they are close to being for Sale. They still have a lot going for them, besides all the bad press they have been getting lately.

I don't think so. By the time when RIM rolls out QNX, Android will be light years ahead. One major attraction of Android is because it is open source. If people want to be restricted, they will buy the Apple iPhone instead. ;)

If you look at my Crackberry profile, you can tell that I used to have the BlackBerry Storm and I was quite active on this forum back then. But I was so upset when RIM failed to update the Storm 2 to be a TRUE TOUCH SCREEN device. That's why I left and bought the Samsung Galaxy S phone instead.

RIM failed to recognize the market need and too contended with their ancient keyboard and trackball form factor. THEY DID NOT JUST MISS THE BOAT BUT HAS MISSED THE ENTIRE FLEET!!! RIM also failed to realize that, although their emails are great, email is only A SMALL PART of the whole mobile experience. It is NOT important enough for people to stay with RIM with their out-dated devices.

I think it is too little too late for RIM. Someone will buy RIM. But it is not going to be Google. Google does not need RIM and there are too much legacy system for Google to clean up.

If Google wants the Nortel patents, they can wait till RIM to be liquidated and just buy the pieces that they need and not the whole company.

I think the potential buyer will be some other company that wants to compete with Apple and Google in the mobile device space.

Oh, one more thing to prove how OUT-OF-TOUCH RIM's management is. They have been busy congratulating themselves on the growth in the developing countries. But they are once again short-sighted on the fact that Apple and Android vendors are rolling out the low-end iPhones and low-end Android phones soon. THAT WILL BE THE END OF RIM.

Nos damos cuenta de las diferentes opiniones al respecto, siempre hay que ver las cosas de manera objetiva, es una posibilidad y muy real la que plantea kevin, a algunos no nos gusta la idea que GOOGLE en un supuesto compre a RIM, pero en lo que todos coincidimos es en que tienen que hacer algo pero ya, ciertamente son unos magníficos teléfonos pero desde mi perspectiva quisiera sacarle aún más a mi teléfono blackberry, GOOGLE cada vez toma más cuota en el mercado y apple se mantiene creciendo también, mientras vemos a RIM bajar posiciones cada vez más, esperemos que los ejecutivos de RIM hagan algo rápido para solucionar esto y darle una experiencia al usuario más placentera sobre su blackberry. QNX es la solución para RIM? probablemente si, pero se están tardando mucho en sacar los teléfonos con ese sistema operativo, me encanta mi playbook, aunque debo admitir que le faltan aplicaciones, pero su sistema operativo es magnífico. Por favor RIM, no nos orillen a emigrar a otras plataformas.
Esto se trata de renovarse o morir. Quiero ver a RIM como el ave fénix, resurgiendo entre sus cenizas.
I hope the translation is well........

We realize the different opinions, you always have to look at things objectively, is a very real possibility and that poses kevin, some do not like the idea that an alleged GOOGLE purchase from RIM, but in we all agree on is that they have to do something but they are certainly a great mobile but from my perspective I would like to get even closer to my blackberry phone, GOOGLE increasingly take more market share and Apple keeps growing too, as we see RIM increasingly lower positions, hopefully RIM executives do something fast to fix this and give it a more enjoyable user experience on your blackberry. QNX is the solution for RIM? probably yes, but they are taking too long to get phones with that operating system, I love my playbook, although I must admit that it lacks applications, but your operating system is great. Please RIM, we shore migrate to other platforms.
This is renewed or die. I want to see RIM as a phoenix from its ashes comeback.
Thank you.

I am quite disheartened that RIM has fallen behind. My first smart phone was a Blackberry, and I've been attuned to them ever since. But RIM has really goofed in recent years. Loyal Blackberry fans kept complaining about how the competition was mauling them, and RIM was very slow to respond, for whatever reason. They made decisions that alienated fans, like releasing the Tour which was such a disaster, and then rubbing insult into the injury by releasing the Bold 9650 the barely a year after, which was nothing but a properly functioning Tour.

Right now, my contract is up, and I am considering a new phone, but there is nothing on the Sprint network yet for the Blackberry. While I am aware that the Torch is apparently looming, I am not sure that I want to wait and see if it lives up to the hype, when there is a formidable line up of Droids just clamouring for my attention. This should never happen; they should always have devices that would appeal to people upgrading. It's just sad.

I would hate to see this happen. Google would just take what they need and rip Blackberry apart. They would just try to make Android "better".. dont think they would keep the name or hardware. Crackberry jumping ship early huh?

Blackberry will survive. They are working on things that will create a shift in the smartphone industry that will help ease the work/life balance and the issues regarding consumerization in the business environment. Instead of focusing on things like this, your "Android Love", has done nothing but deteorate this website and it's intention of helping support Blackberry.

When RIM is in trouble by extension your business is in trouble also. Instead of closing ranks, you have gone off the deep end and constantly allowed post of people slamming Blackberry and not in a constructive criticism kind of way. All this does is put a shadow of doubt in peoples mind regarding if Blackberry is a good phone. How many phone sales have been lost bc of the constant negativity regarding the phone?

While it's easy to see how Blackberry will survive n their time of transition, the real question is... Will Crackberry survive this transition when it consistently slams the same consumers that it supports?


Charlie O'Neal

I disagree with almost every word you've said Charlie. BlackBerry will NOT survive unless it is acquired by a larger entity like Google or Microsoft. You say "They are working on things that will create a shift in the smartphone industry...". However, they've been working on these initiatives for the past year or two with no visible results.

There is no need to mudsling Crackberry for forecasting a real possibility in the wireless industry. There may be a lot of BlackBerry bashing on this site, but it is reflective of the general sentiment towards BlackBerry and Research in Motion at this time. If you don't appreciate an intelligent editorial about how to save thousands of jobs in Waterloo, you don't have to visit this site anymore.

AMEN!!! (to Charlieo132's post)

I do not think that CrackBerry should ignore the troubles surrounding RIM (although I do believe said troubles are being severely over-hyped). But I do STRONGLY feel that a BlackBerry-focused site (especially one as well-known as CrackBerry.com) should not be writing an article that is coming from the viewpoint that RIM being bought by Google is a good thing! It feels like a betrayal to me!

Should you comment that it is a possibility? - sure if you feel you must. But the tone of the article makes me very concerned. I've watched several websites dump BB for Android, it would be a shame to see this site follow along...

As a long-time BlackBerry enthusiast and proud Canadian (most of the time anyways - those hockey riots in Vancouver were a disgrace), I want to see Research In Motion turn around the negative sentiment that is now stalking them in the media and gain back the sales momentum and brand popularity they have enjoyed in the past."

Kevin, I'm very glad you decided to edit your original opening and remove the hockey riots reference.......a true Canadian apologizes for the handful of drunk idiots who do not represent Canada for the rest of us and does not lose his pride to be Canadian, ever. And no true loyal blackberry enthusiast wants to even consider a day without RIM and their Blackberry's let alone some take over / buyout that would most likely see the end of the Blackberry as we know it or all together completely.

RIM will survive and be stronger than ever so what if they've had a shift and a slow year in North America, at least they don't recycle the same crap over and over again with small improvements each time and make you feel like you have to upgrade every time they release the next model. RIM builds and supports Smartphones..........not 'a single device' or an OS for anyone to use. RIM does it all and thats why they are the most secure and dependable Smartphone on the market.

just my $0.02

"Denial ain't just a river in Egypt". Admitting the problem and mistake is the first step to turn things around. If they cannot even admit their fault, there is no hope whatsoever. They will be done in less than 2 years.

Reason's why this could possibly happen:
1. Enterprise reasons listed above.
2. Patents mentioned above.
3. The Blackberry Messenger system. This is top notch and Apple is introducing this in iO5 and Android has nothing similar.

Resason's why this will never happen:
1. Google already tried selling the Nexus 1 directly and it didn't work.
2. Google still try's to keep the main thing the main thing, and that is search / ads. Android is a way to get their hands on the search / ad stream on mobile. Becoming a hardware manufacturer does nothing to achieve this goal.
3. And probably most important. Android and RIM and very different in their objectives for their OS. Blackberries still rely very heavily on a qwerty keyboard, while Android is doing everything in it's power to eliminate nearly all hardware buttons. In the newest version they are eliminating the search button I believe??? Now they will only have power, back, home, and that may be it. They are going in different directions as OS's.

The only way this possibly happens is if Google spun off the hardware part, but this doesn't sound like Google, they just don't seem to do this kind of thing.

Yes, Google will buy the pieces they need when RIM is liquidated later.

By the way, physical keyboard is old-school and will be obsoleted. Only RIM cannot see that happening which is sad.

Sad thing is that if Google bought Blackberry I don't think they would want to continue making hardware, they would just shift through the patents and implement where they can, it would be the end of qwerty physical keyboard cell phones, and the Rise of Iphones in the workplace.

come on RIM!!! so many people behind you! is it so hard to hire some new hardware designers! boost the specs up to competing, have a meeting with 3rd party support like skype, netflix etc.... add front facing camera, hdmi, get at least 3 inch screen.

I think this is a great article and Kevin has made some interesting points.

Personally I don't feel Google would want to buy RIM, mainly because they see the success they need in their platform is probably better than they expected. Google aren't interested in hardware manufacturing really, but the patients might be enough to tempt them from buying RIM if they believed a rival might be looking to take over.

I think we need to wait for RIM to push out a QNX handset, if it is still behind what other manufactures are pushing out and takes longer than 6 months the 9900 will be my last Blackberry. (Simply because of the keyboard).

What they really need to do, if they want to stay in the game is reduce the number of handsets to;

Bold - This should be very high spec and aimed at those who just want the best (Rolex/ James Bond)
Curve - should be the 9700 form factor because it is smaller than the true Bold and should be aimed at a younger audience due to size.
Torch - for those who want a large touchscreen (possibly a landscape keyboard) - gamers for example.

All of these handsets should be very high spec (resolution/ screen size/ processor speed/ battery life) and should keep users happy with great hardware (like a Rolls Royce) just upgrades supporting the latest techs like HTML5 CSS3 at the same speed as Chrome. It should be a truely aspirational device.

With these handsets they should attack the key Apple market AGGRESSIVELY - young, tech savvy, relatively wealthy, decision makers, social people. This is where the real money is in the market, these are the people who influence others and the people who PAY for apps.

Also RIM should court app developers by making it really easy to develop for RIM; offer spaces to work, super easy developer kit, host hackathons, fund development, control the quality of apps, offer competitions to developers, advertise their apps, ask developers what they want and implement it in the platform and hardware.

More over, the emerging markets aren't only going to want cheap stuff forever and Android will own this market anyway as the people who produce cheap handsets will forever fight for this fickle low value (per handset) market. Which isn't what RIM is known for. (If the handsets are good enough these markets will buy used/ older Blackberrys, keeping the value of the new ones high and still generating money via apps and BIS).

The reality is RIM have spent too much time pushing out weak products in terms of usability, reliability, build quality and apps which really provide real benefits to the user. This is going to get more obvious to the average user each time they attend a social event and don't have the currently en vouge app.

If I was working at RIM I would really be applying pressure to the management, if diehard fans are talking like this and staff are writing these letters not making changes, serious change needs to happen and fast.

I'd hate to have to move to another device but I really am considering getting an iPhone.

why would you ever ever EVER want google or anyone for that matter to buy blackberry considering you have no idea what would happen to blackberry? possible name change? no more phones even?? no more blackberry as it is?? coming from you this is very confusing to me. regardless of blackberry's state right now we should all be routing for them to get back on their feet and NEVER sell. we are blackberry fans, and always want them to be around.

Interesting thoughts.

I can see the Android brand continuing to be licensed to third-party manufacturers for consumer/prosumer grade phones, and the BlackBerry brand and architecture (with Android apps) continuing to be used in the enterprise/corporate space. This would give Google a foothold in a market they desperately want to be in.

this honestly would be what killed me and my support of the blackberry devices, as google owning the BB servers would instantly remove all security of the system, y'know, what with their well known data selling practices. if they gather and sell info off of android devices, I certainly don't want them as deep in my phone as the BIS servers certainly are. It'd be a guaranteed instant change to iOS for me, and everyone I know that's still holding off in hopes of an improved BB experience. I'd also have to guess it'd be the end of the government contracts with BB as well as anyone else that's security oriented....

Here's how I see it:

1. Google would buy certain entities and divisions from Research in Motion including their software development, intellectual properties, patents, security architecture and enterprise services.

2. Research in Motion would continue to manufacture BlackBerry smartphones with Android as the operating system. Android would incorporate the finer points of QNX. BlackBerry handsets would feature cutting-edge hardware similar to other manufacturers with the support of Google behind it.

3. Android-powered BlackBerrys would feature value-added customized software (like HTC does) and keep BlackBerry Messenger exclusively on their phones. Google would then release a new flagship instant messaging app, the only IM that would allow interaction with BBM contacts.

4. Former RIM software engineers would help develop an industry-leading application for Google+. I'm sure Google would like to hit the ground running with this.

5. In an effort to gain market share, Google would merge QNX with any future versions of their tablet OS. This could create momentum and allow Google to catch up to the iPad in the same remarkable way they did with their handsets.

It would be a win-win scenario and everybody would be satisfied.

My opionion is that Google doesnt need RIM at all. They have been doing great on their own, just look at where Andriod was 3 years back and look at it now. You keep mentioning QNX and hope it comes to RIM phones? With the pace RIM is going at updating phones and introducing new hardware (look at how long it took them to launch the PLaybook after they announced it, and even after it was released it is a half finished device) other devices and OS will be light years ahead of QNX. I think that RIM should sell itself while they can and to whom they can

I hope CB team reads the post! I am a long time site reader even before I got an actual membership with CB. I have to say the last couple of week has just been filled with stupid stories both from blog sites and some media outlets. BlackBerry has a lot of fix and I am not confused about the struggle its having now or in the future. I'm sorry Kevin but I just felt so strongly about this I post and had to post for once. I will make this short and to the point. If I wanted to read what you just wrote I can get that from any website......trust me there is a lot. So all I ask is when I come to this site the focus stays some what on the future and what needs to be addressed. Quick note though, you wrote a great blog but failed to take into account the finances. The price to acquire RIM is way too high right now. And even if the company had the money to acquire it shareholders still have to approve.....Google may have the cash but its not that simple given RIM would rather die than do that. Companies have options for take overs......just look at Yahoo and Microsoft. Don't pull a RIM and take your customers for granted. They need to know their is a future rather than telling them to move on and the company is dying (not even close to the truth) unless you know something we all don't Kevin.

Keep up the good work guys.

I didn't know RIM was for sale? How did I miss that? I love my Torch. I love the physical qwerty keyboard. I'll get another blackberry when the new ones come out.

I'm going off the reservation here and saying it won't happen b/c:
a) Kevin won't have much to do unless he can unseat one of his AndroidCentral buddies...and have to watch his back forever, and;
b) He's probably giggling his heiny off at nearly 150 comments that were cranked out by his musings!

He's manipulating us... Like little marionettes! Dance, fools! Dance! :) /jk

But yeah... IF it were to happen, I'd be pretty hard split between a Droidekkar phone or an iPug. (Which company do I trust LESS? WTH kind of "choice" is THAT? Used both. Was not sold on either, though both were superior to WinMo as it stands... *sigh*)

RIM: Get head out of Canadian @$$ and start kicking some instead! (Yes. This is an AMERICAN cheering on the Canadian squad, here.)

I think you make total sense on this one and have thought this the only real player for take over for a while. However, it would be a dark day for many employees...with the multitude of overlapping project managers, layers of OD(HR), Directors, VP's, and many other redundancies across the organization, it would be difficult to integrate all those roles into Google

very disappointed to see a bb side turning into a stock analyst side now and increasingly joining the media carnival casting doubt on blackberry..it is time for me to jump ship to another bb side who sticks with bb through thick and thin..all these negativity on blackberry is so prematured..

You need to lay off the crack. Google is known for buying companies, and then not supporting their products any longer (can anyone say Jaiku). They have done this with many companies they have acquired.

I would rather Microsoft or Nokia buy Blackberry, or a group of venture capitalist firms or some other consortium getting together and purchasing RIM and taking it private, where they don't have to answer to shareholders and focus on making profits.

Todays investor is only interested in short term profits and they have the inability to think long term, which is exactly why companies like AT&T do not focus on offering quality service or looking down the road (thinking longterm). They put the almighty shareholder before the longevity of their company and then want to cough up some crap about needing T-Mobiles spectrum to offer 4G and reliable 3G service which is crap because they don't have enough backhaul to their towers, or are hoarding all the spectrum they have gotten through FCC auctions and acquisitions from other companies, such as Centennial wireless, etc.

Note to Google: Buy them, take the patents, make Apple pay big bucks for the rights to them, build out solid, locked down Enterprise framework for Android. Fire all the Blackberry C-level idiots.

So a company that has made BILLIONS on advertising and search on the web buys a dying hardware/software company? This will never happen. Google only makes aquisitions to further innovation to further their needs which is snooping in your business and figuring out what you like so their search results will improve. What would be the purpose of this purchase? Why would they take on the liability? Why would they try and change corporate mindset of a company that has nearly as many employees as it does?

Sorry man, wishful thinking does not make good analysis.

Google will not buy RIM: the cultural fit is all wrong and the acquisition would be a disaster for both companies. Besides, Google can headhunt all the engineers it needs from RIM if it chose to.

I see only two possibilities for RIM:
1. Fix its culture, clarify its vision, build a better product line and thrive, or...
2. Get sold for scrap like Nortel

I would obviously _really_ prefer #1, but that doesn't look like it's happening.

Moreover, I don't think Google needs a dedicated hardware division. I think they'll continue to deepen their ties with a top-tier manufacturer (say, Samsung) for the foreseeable future.

Did no one notice what Kevin was doing when he came up with this "theory"?
"...sitting on a patio sipping my fourth pitcher of Sangria on Canada Day"
Context, people, context.

OMG! Kevin M. is daydreaming. The sangria is getting to him. Google is winning the mobile OS arms race. With anti-trust investigation ongoing, Google doesn't want the Federalies snooping into mobile. RIM has decided to go it alone. RIM had ample opportunity to replace BB OS with Android or WP7. Instead it chose QNX. The big question is, what will RIM look like in Q3 2012 when QNX rolls out in its "superphones"?

For God sake.!!!
Just look what HP did to Palm.
They took webOS and Pre form factor, and sent the rest to the trash.

Here are a few ramblings that I hope Kevin takes the time to read:

First - Stand behind BB and stop talking crap about them, espescially if you are going to run this site. Simply put, I have been a loyal Crackberry visitor and BB owner for years and love the product. I work in the policing field and can tell you that no other sytem affords the security required for our needs and won't any time soon. This goes for a lot of businesses and people alike. Wait until the first Smart phone superbug hits a platform and watch the panic as people realize how vulnerable they are to losing their identity (PS3 anyone)... Does anyone do online banking with their phone or plan on using the upcoming NFC to pay for items ??

Second - I have a thought about the delay of the upcoming Bold and Torch 2, which has been rumoured by others, hopefully due to the implementation of the new QNX OS. This may be a stretch but it would appear that they are trying to get it done for this upcoming Fall as they have always had release dates posted alot sooner in past years. It would make a lot of sense explaining the delays. Or just turmoil inside the company -- hmmmmmmmmm

Third - Once QNX is implemented, as long as the system is fast, reliable and easy to use BB will make a full recovery in my mind. The two main technical areas BB needs to focus on for future phones are speed of processor and screen quality. This is what consumers want and just beacuse I have a work phone doesn't mean I also don't want these things. Of course the amazing keyboard has to be there !!

Long live BB !!!

Future phone designs must be cutting edge and not always trying to play catch up. This along with the older OS has been the down fall of BB in recent times. The design department must get its head out of the 90's and start designing for the future and not the day because as we know technology advances at an astounding rate and BB phones have been outdated before they even hit the shelves which is lending itself to the consumer backlash. People want the best whether they are going to use all the features or not.

Perception is reality !! How many poeple actually use facetime on their Icraps ??

Good argument but unlikely. Google has enough anti-trust issues as it is, and has steadfastly avoided becoming too integrated and too top down in part to avoid this. Also google has it own long list of failed concepts and I doubt has the culture to turn rim around. Rim needs more that a sugar daddy, they need a plan and someone to knock it into someone's head that perception is reality and producing the best suited mobile device is not going to cut it, people shouldn't need a blackberry, they need to want one.

I am pleased to see that this article is now solely listed under the tags of "editorial" and no longer "news" as it was yesterday. With all due respect to the author, this article was, and still is, purely speculation and fantasy - it should never have been presented to the general public as news.

Given that it came from Crackberry.com, which is often seen by the public, as the defacto official Blackberry site, this only further complicated matters. To illustrate, at the Bestbuy in New Westminster, BC; this morning, an individual was looking at the Blackberry Playbook and had in his hand a copy of the article. His question to the employee was "is it true that Google is buying RIM!"

That is the damage that can be done when speculation and fantasy are mascaraded as news. I am fine with articles/comments/editorials being posted on this website. But I think there needs to be a clearer way of articulating when you are presening an editorial and when you are reporting real news.

The simplest suggestion would be is to put the word editorial or speculation in the title of the headline, i.e. "Speculation Only: 10 Reasons Why Google MAY buy RIM" - this wording clearly indicates that this is not a breaking news story of the truth but rather one individuals speculation of what might occur. Doing otherwise simply takes away the credit that CrackBerry.com has achieved in the past.

The day Google puts QNX, another closed source, tightly controlled OS, on the Android platform will be the day I buy an iPhone. If I'm going to be stuck in a walled garden at least it might as well be a pretty, well cared for garden.


Seriously, let's not be too hard on Kev for just expressing an opinion on what could be one possibility if RIM begins to circle the drain. Though it would not be an agreeable scenario, he has some compelling reasons for his hypothetical and has obviously stirred our thoughts.

@jeffydude: I also recently expressed a like opinion regarding the desire for RIM to concentrate on developing only 2 exceptional QNX phones, one with a physical keypad and one big beautiful touchscreen. I am sure we are not alone in wanting this instead of a multitude of rehashed models. I hope that the rumor regards to postpone development of a 10" PlayBook, they can always come back to it.

RIM: Dance with the one(S) who brought you! We (the loyal BlackBerry users) will be your best advertising when you get the fresh products we are asking for...just two great ones, that's all we need. :-) Dance with us before we too leave.

i will be fine with google buying them as long as blackberry still keeps their name and it doesnt turn out how it did when hp bought palm

Let's be honest here guys (to all complaining about KM)... he probably secretly uses an Android or iPhone device. It's a pretty damn good bet, I'd say.

I'd welcome the google's culture into RIM. There's too much politics, too little decision making. Too much empty process and finger pointing to avoid responsibility, too little lessons learned and accountability when its due.

I love the company and the products, but its painfully obvious that almost everyone are more agile than RIM.

They need to see how it can be done.

i want to ask a simple question from everyone in this debate, should i buy a new blackberry in this coming fall or wait and see what happen with RIM or simply buy a iphone, end of story since i am a mac user since i was in grade 6. .... and i am a die hard user of mac, in 90s when apple was about to be out of business, when microsoft invested 670 million dollars in the apple computers, to save the apple computers, i was standing behind the brand i love, when they changed to OSX, i did my certification in OSX, when they first introduced ipod, i bought it to show my trust in the company, i had a complete trust in Steve Jobs, i still do.
i started using blackberry in 90s, although RIM never supported mac plate form, i heard that Steve Jobs had some personal things with RIM's executives and it was the mac users who were using blackberry paid the price , look at RIM, in 2011 they made RIM's website compatible to mac, have any of you can imagine the life of mac user using blackberry, we had to pay for the softwares which were available for windows user for free. after all that i am loyal to blackberry phones for their practicality and ease of use, i am still standing behind RIM, i will buy new phones from blackberry, i, as a consumer, believe that i am the reason for the investors to invest in the company, as long as there are consumers using blackberry, investors will be investing in the company. and yes i will buy a new blackberry in this fall.

2 reasons why Google won't buy RIM

1) Google doesn't want to

2) RIM doesn't want them to

Aside from the patent rights that they would acquire, buying RIM is just not in the cards for Google's game plan. Last time I checked Google doesn't make any hardware and from what I can tell they really don't want to. They know what they are good at and are sticking to it.

As far as RIM goes, yes they are in trouble but maybe not as bad as the tech blogs make them out to be. They missed a major development cycle and are currently losing market share. They've lost that precious thing called momentum as well. Google was in the right place at the right time and with the right product. In 2009 we had 5 viable Smartphone platforms
(Iphone, Android, WebOS, Windows Mobile, Blackberry)
Now lets look at 2011
-WebOS was bought by HP and they have yet to release any new phones to the carriers, asides from a refresh of their old Pre phone.
-Windows Mobile is trying to make a comeback with WM7 however they let the old OS 6.5 and older die on the vine with little support and lackluster handset updates that it is going to be an uphill battle. Here's a little secret, Nokia ain't going to help to much in the US CDMA market.
-Blackberry has put out the same handsets for the last 2 years with the same OS with marginal updates to hardware and software.
-Iphone as much as I don't care for them I have to give it to them they are innovative and give people what they want.
-Android has been the biggest gainer of market share over these last 2 years. They give people choice over their smartphones. As much as Google complains about fragmentation, it's still one of their biggest selling points.

So yeah I love my blackberry but even if it was a brand new one it feels like a 2 year old device. I have to say my next phone will be an android device however I'm completely open to coming back to blackberry if they can turn things around. They really need to get with it though if they don't want to end up being bought like palm.

Beside technical advantages a fusion of RIM and google would produce, I would prefer diversity! Google is already to powerful and becomes a fascistic global player. I like the company philosophy of RIM... Of course they all want to sell phones and earn money as much as they can, but the quality of RIM (reliable tec, respectable firm, indigenous,...) cant be continued in a greedy company with claiming world dominance...

I dont think google would WANT to buy rim, and I don't think rim will sell to google. No research-no conspiracy theories-no science-no mathematics, I just don't think that will happen. I mean what would be googles motivation, a better physical keyboard???

The name will be the tricky one:
- GoogleBerry
- Black GoogleBerry
- Blackberry-Google or Google-Blackberry

Let's see if you are right and Google ends up buying Blackberry.

The problem with this article is that it assumes that BlackBerry is Google's just for the asking. This is not the case, just as bigger companies have already fought to keep Nortel's patents out of Google's hands. I think this would be the case here as well. Also, saying that Google doesn't make hardware is false... its Motorola division certainly does. Most importantly, governments around the world are already weary of Google and the way it breach's piracy and how it handles its FRAND patents already. Google has already blatantly misused said patents, like the ones it got with its Motorola purchase, so with Google trying to gobble up another manufacturer will pose some very real and big government legal issues that could stop Google in its tracks. With over $154-billion in the bank, I would also tend to think that Apple will be stepping into this fight just as they did with Nortel, simply just to stop Google whom we already know that Steve Jobs vowed to kill.