Time for some bowling with a twist. It's 10 Pin Shuffle Bowling for BlackBerry 10

By James Richardson on 17 Feb 2013 01:05 pm EST

Yes, you may well recognize 10 Pin Shuffle Bowling. We featured it late last year when the game was released for the BlackBerry PlayBook. It is now also available for BlackBerry 10 devices and due to having a load of fun with it on the tablet I downloaded it for my Z10 as soon as I saw it in BlackBerry World.

There are normally a tonne of bowling style games on any mobile platform. 10 Pin Shuffle is the best I have ever used and I've been around the block. The game is a perfect example of how great gaming is on BlackBerry 10. It brings us stunning smooth graphics and even some pretty realistic sound effects. If you want a great game then this one is worth a look for sure.

But you don't just get one game with 10 Pin Shuffle - there are three within the game. First up is standard bowling, which is my favourite. Rather than using a traditional bowling ball a kind of puck is used - similar to in Ice Hockey. This adds a nice twist to the game and sliding it towards to skittles just feels good.

There is also an alternative version of bowling called Five Card Draw Poker. I don't know how to play poker so I won't try and explain or understand the scoring system but if you do know how to play it should be fun. And finally is Shuffleboard which apparently is a game played in bars. You need to slide your puck as close to the edge of the table as possible to score maximum points.

Priced at £2.00/$2.99 10 Pin Shuffle is well worth its price tag. It certainly kept me entertained on a recent plane journey. Why not give it a try? 

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Time for some bowling with a twist. It's 10 Pin Shuffle Bowling for BlackBerry 10


Spent some time with my better half's Galaxy Note last night. It's a wicked device with terrific graphics for its games. It's awesome the BB has finally caught up with the times.
I know some in the U.S. are choked about your availability date, and I understand your pain (due to other circumstances I don't have one yet), but it'll be worth the wait.

By FAR best game I have played on PB and on z10. Shuffleboard is my fav one. Easy to learn and super competitive with friends. Very much worth the $2.99

I've got this on my PlayBook and was happy when they brought it to that platform as I have it on my old iPod Touch. A similar app that I would love to see on the PlayBook/BB10 is Strike Knight.