10 minutes with BlackBerry 10 - A look at the BlackBerry 10 media apps and more

By Adam Zeis on 16 Nov 2012 09:08 am EST

Some more BlackBerry 10 video goodness to start off your Friday. While giving an OS demo on the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha B, Claudio Roselli, Regional Senior Product Manager at RIM Spain showed off some of the core apps of the BlackBerry 10 OS. Among them are a few that we've seen before as well as a brief look at the video and music apps. We get a chance to see them both in action in addition to more of the BlackBerry Hub, the browser, the clock app and that awesome lock screen. Seeing demos like this get me more and more excited for BlackBerry 10 -- only a few more weeks and we'll be able to take it all in first-hand. 

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10 minutes with BlackBerry 10 - A look at the BlackBerry 10 media apps and more


Admin... can we please get rid of this... seriously... make a constructive post will ya...

And watching the video while I type, this is making me more and more excited for BB10

Me too , the OS looks great and cool designe ...im so happy that i never change it to apple iphone...i wait rim and now i hope one day also i nice tablet thin and fast...bye

i'm an egiptian blind. i use blackberry curve 9360 since RIM has launched its screen reader. i would like to know about the future of accessibility in bb10, specially screen reading software.

Looks great. This is everything i like about Playbook. True multitasking. Power and performance. Now i just want to know how bb10 with keyboard looks like. if it looks like 9900 with bigger screen and superb camera then I am in for pre-order.

Note that his battery is half gone at 8:51 in the morning. This guy must be addicted to this phone.

Let's hope he forgot to charge it over night.

Phone looks great.

For real? That looks like the most awkward phone in the business! I really hope for everyone's sake that's not the final product.

Hey I don't want this to come across wrong, but I keep reading about how important it is to maintain one-handed functionality but everyone (kevin included) demos with two hands. Maybe Kevin or someone can do a one-handed demo, or maybe tell us "yes it is doable" ?

obviously it will not be easy to operate this phone with one hand. on the other hand bb10 with physical keyboard will be different story.

Vivek did it one handed at the Blackberry Jams. Thor even made a point to point it out as he demoed it with one hand in his pocket. For the demo purposes and having an unobstructed view, it seems to make sense to hold it in one hand or lay flat on a desk or table, and use your index finger

I think it's more difficult to demo using it with one hand then it is using with one hand. With the exception of the alarm clock, all of the swiping in this video was from the bottom or the side.

I personally don't get why they keep going on about one handed use while "running to a business meeting". I thought they were thinking about everyone now and now just the business people. Everyone uses their phone with two hands most of the time. If you didn't it would take forever to write things, like this post.

Edit: I do use my phone one handed when looking at things. But typing I use two hands.

Fair enough.

But if you were in a airport with a bag in one hand, or holding on to a handrail on the subway, it's nice to know you could still reply to a BBM with one hand. Even if you'd normally use two.

Not so easy with some other brands.

I type one-handed pretty often, actually, in all kinds of situations, and I think 1-handed operation and typing are something loyal BB users have come to like, appreciate and expect.

Good question, and one that I've been wondering about myself. In fact, I started a forum thread about it yesterday since I had noticed how so many demo videos seem to require 2-handed use even though RIM claims to be intentionally designing the BB10 devices for easy 1-handed use. My post also mentioned how great it would be to see a demo video specifically putting an L-series demo device through the paces 1-handed.

I do :) ... I love this phone, can´t wait to have it ... The only thing I did not liked about this video is that the guy said "Platform (UI) is like the iPad" aghhh he should related with the PlayBook, because that is the relation ... any way =)

PS: I am mexican =D

Since you can understand Spanish.....
Could you clear up for me what was happening beginning at the 6:25 mark of the video when he appears to click on a "DocumentsToGo" app, minimizes it then appears to open up the app again from the apps menu and it opened in a new window.
Am I to understand that this was illustrating the ability to have more then one document open at a time? If it is then that is awesome! Currently you can't do this on the Playbook which is very frustrating. That is what I need in "multitasking".

He opened the same app twice but one time in the work mode and the other in the personal mode. He is showing how we would be able to manage both modes at the same time.

No, he was illustrating the use of BlackBerry Balance, one Doc2go app is for his personal account and the other is on his bussiness account, the two show different docs available and when both are opened the bussiness one has a mark on the top left corner.

The DocsToGo demo was part of the BlackBerry Balance demo where he was showing the separation between the Personal side and the Work side of BB10. In the demo he was showing that you could open an app in the Work persona, switch to the Personal persona and open the same app. The result was that two instances of the DocsToGo app were open but the Work version, if you will, was not accessible from the Personal side.

Hopefully that clears it up for you.

Anyone else notice that in the video app...besides play...it says "Play On" :) this is amazing!! so thats obviously the bridge feature for VIDEO!!! orrrrr maybe RIM has other options like connection to a TV or something bigger!

No its this>>>>> PlayOn makes it easy for you to watch your favorite videos, shows, and movies from websites such as Netflix, Hulu, YouTube and more on your TV, iPhone, iPad

While the UI does seem fast, i believe it carries out certain functions rather slow. For instance when opening that linked In email, it responded too slow for my liking. The calendar app when invoked from the hub .. is painfully slow.

There was a bit of lag that I would rather not see. Hopefully the actual hardware will improve that. Still, the UI as a whole looks very appealing.

Damn. That MUSIC in the background! Make it stop! Really distracted me from the video.

But this looks sweet and I can't wait to see final code and hardware.

I see they are still not putting in the TAT media app??? :( Would be awesome to have it on the BB10 phone. The method to move around the OS is awesome but the UI for the media app is just the boring old BB interface. Step it up boys and girls. You're trying to make a splash.

I don't think there is a need for a Hub icon. The Hub is a gesture away so it would be an extra step to have an icon for the Hub in my opinion. I could be wrong but I think it would be redundant.


Actually there is an icon for the hub bottom left ,it use to be 3 dots but they changed it to a BlackBerry logo with the word "hub" underneath it.

That's interesting. I don't really see a need for an icon, but perhaps once I get my hands on one then I'll know why it's there.


It's really nice to see what you just said!

I remember when the Dev alpha first came out, and we saw BB10 for the first time, I sent a mail to RIM telling them to replace the 3 dots by the BB logo, as it is nice to have it somewhere, and this logo is our signature! As we always do, press the BB logo to go to the options, or press it to do something else!

So I would be really happy to see that change!

Folks some questions:
1) is there a list of what apps will be available at launch?
2) if you develop for BB10 is it compatible with the current PB OS.
a) if so would it be fair to assume the app if non-existent on PB isn't going to be on BB10

This may all sound a bit negative but like most of us on these forums we are nursing our BB devices to be upgraded on the big day. However, I keep asking myself what BB10 will bring other than a nicer way to do what it already can. If it doesn't have apps for me to control Sonos or TiVo will I still need to carry a BB device and my iTouch. If so my appetite to buy BB10 starts to diminish. Someone give me some good news!!!

1) None that I know of...you just need to read the forums and watch the videos on the ones who announced they are.

2) We are talking about two different OS's so I am taking an educated guess and say no.

2a) No...some developers were waiting for BB10 to come out and some are still waiting to see how well it does before they do anything. Bottom line though if the app is not on the PB it does not mean its not coming out on BB10!

I'm with you on the apps side, but what I'm most concerned with is the usability of it. What I am refering to is: I pray this phone is more stable than my 9900! I hate how I have to keep rebooting it, I hate how it freezes and most specially how I keep running out of memory to the point I can't install anymore apps even though I still have memory for media and other things.

This has been explained as well...we are switching over to a multi-thread OS. This means than if a thread (ie. Process or an App) locks or freeze up, everything else can keep running and the os can shutdown that unstable thread. Thor also said his phone has been up and running for three weeks with no reboot or battery pull.

Hopefully this link can somewhat answer your first question.


As for your second question. Sometime after the launch of the BB10 RIM will have an update for the PB so that it is BB10 rather than the PB OS, if I'm not mistaken. Once the PB is updated you should be able to use the same apps as the BB10 phones. So I do not think it is fair to assume if the app is not on the PB OS prior to an OS update that it won't be at a later date.


I don't know why the link gets cut-off, but if you highlight it and right click and open link in new tab it will work (for Firefox, I don't know if it will be the same for other browsers).


1) There have been apps announced for BB10 that showed up randomly on posts. But the full list will probably won't be released until Jan. 30th launch date.
2) PB will be updated with BB10 next year (and this is confirmed by RIM), so apps for BB10 will run on PB once the OS is updated. The current PB OS will no longer exist.
3) No, it would not be a fair assumption because right now there are new apps that are created solely for BB10 that will be released at launch next year, which isn't available for PB right now. So apps that aren't existing for PB right now, may probably be available on BB10 - we'll just have to wait and see.

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

i want to say too that every update for the blackberry appworld unfortunately decreases the app accessibility. for example i can't read app descriptions and reviews.

I see the ugly icons are still there. What was the part where he seemed to be sliding one page of icons over another?

He had two devices. That seems selfish. Can't he mail me the other device he had just hanging out on his desk?

Everyone complaining it was in Spanish...This could have been in any language and I would have understood what he was saying.

Translation : BlackBerry10 Is fucging AWESOME!!!

I had my mind made on N-Series, this has now put me on the fence. L-Series is looking really nice, probably because I haven't seen an N-Series.

Ya quiero saber la fecha en que podré tener mi BB10 Serie L!!!
Cada día que pasa, con cada nueva noticia me entusiasma mas y mas la idea de tener el mio =)
A mi me encantó la plataforma de la PB y realmente pienso en eso cuando veo estos demos.

BB lover!!!

Ok now in english ...

I want to know the date I will be able to have my BB10 SL!!!
Everyday, with every new I get more and more enthusiastic about having mine.
I loved the PB platform and I really think about it when I see these demos.

PS: I am a sister =)

one thing I caught. the keyboard pick up multi language input and can differentiate from context of your conversation. great for dual speaking ppl.

Is it just me or does the contacts app look really slow in all the demo videos so far?
I really hope they clean that part of the code up before shipping it... would be sad if everything else was super fast apart from this one simple thing

Can you guys verify if BB10 will have USB hosting? I don't really care for the phone but on the PlayBook it would rock! Also, I wish They would make a dock with HDMI out, it still blows my mind it still doesn't have not 1 from any third party or BB made. I think if they made one I want one with functionality. I would love it if they made one with full size SD card, HDMI out and a couple of USB ports.

I think he's demoing with an older BB10 version because I see the three dots that should have been replaced with a BB logo.

On another demo with the most recent BB10 version (which I dub it as most recent based on that BB logo change), the flow and OS feels a lot faster and smoother. Good to see all the awesome improvements.

I'm grabbing 2 BB10 phones when they're out - one for myself and another for my mom. :)

~I am BlackBerry by choice~

You left me out. Kidding :)

I think a lot of existing folks with BB7 will also make that switch. RIM better be cranking these babies out at 12 million a month or there won't be enough to go around!

God this phone is ugly. I love the software, but the hardware is...blech

It's the Lenovo ThinkPads of the smartphones. Too business like..sharp edge,matte black, bulky looking.

That's not a "phone", its the Dev B device for developers. Some have suspected it to be the near final device, but wrapped in an intentionally ugly/misleading body to keep a few secrets.

Has anyone said ANYTHING about landscape mode on BlackBerry 10? Forgive me if there is info on this out there.

I feel like RIM might pull an Apple and not offer landscape keyboard on their first go round of software.

I really like how the playbook can be used in either Portrait or Landscape.

Man so slick so smooth and that black sleekness look to it man this phone will suit me well.I still use a 8950 no other phone since i bought the BB.Yeah I treat my phone as a tool not a toy to get my ish done.All I ever needed was fast internet now I get it.So smooth I see what they mean by no back and menu buttons just free flow away really abusing touchscreen capabilitys.

Meh dont worry about the landscape mode RIM know not to F around and come half baked they will get it right.

I love how they keep showing the same stuff on purpose over and over in different hands and its still just so slick.Cant wait for hidden stuff at launch and review days.

I hear you, another reason why it's so painstaking to wait for Jan 30th. I too am hoping they drop some surprises on the announcement day or at launch so everyone can really shut up about BB not "relevant".


Posted this somewhere but it was pending moderation... Really?

Things that trouble me:

* apps!!!!!! Lots of games but productivity apps?
* voice commands?
* no demos of phone (voice) functions to be seen?
* what about notifications? Beside calendar, where do I see voice mail, SMS, BBM group updates, etc. Will everything go to the hub?
* what ever happened to universal search?
* will bb10 have awesome maps? What about navigation?
* no folders in app screen?
* if I have a password on my device how does it unlock? What does that look like?
* cloud syncing to dropbox, box.net, skydive, Google drive built right in or ad hoc?
* BBM 7 promises voice calling but only via WiFi? Both parties much be on WiFi too! This isn't useful. With BB10 offering video calling, will that be restricted to WiFi only? If so, rubbish!!!
* most importantly, will BB10 sync my multiple (10+) Google calendars?

I heard RIM has an artificial intelligence voice-controlled software called BIRI currently being tested at over 50 carriers.

Hahaha BIRI??? Talk about a rip-off of apple. Call it Berry or something if they want a stupid voice command apple rip-off anywyas.

@Joe257 Have you been fkn sleeping all this while?

Typically comment section attitude - Never seen it - So never existed..

Apps - Games & Productivity. YES- BB10 has all kinds in plenty.

Voice Commands - There is internal build going on. This will be a surprise at launch. (Already beta on dev device)

Calling - Besides regular stuff - Video call (airtime) will be included to support BB to Samsung video call (through carrier minutes)

Notifications - HUB has a special tab labelled 'Notification' where every single notification from all parts of the OS get listed for unified view (apart from within the app itself). Voice mail, SMS, etc. all have individual sections + app icon where possible (messages)

Universal search - When you are at home screen - there is search button available.

Maps - Icon shown in demo - RIM has tied with TomTom (i guess).. Navigation should be standard + GMaps + BB Traffic (i guess)

Folders - Folders have been shown before in BB10 demos.

Password - You slide up from lock screen and password prompt appears.

Cloud - Rumors of BB's own cloud service (collaboration) + dropbox, box, skydrive, all baked into share menu.

Video chat - If I'm not mistaken - BBM Video chat will be WiFi/4G/3G. Skype (or some cross platform) will be 3G/4G/WiFi.. and regular video calling through airtime (carrier).

Sync - As far as I know - BlackBerry is the only platform with any kind of logical sync functionality.

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I'm just curious about the dev alpha models when the final bb10 models are released will they still work and can they be used as full functional phones..any responses to this are welcome

Is there any improvements on the built-in ToDo app? Could you post a quick video on that?

Wait, Blackberrys still exist? And RIM has blown its last scraps to throw a hail mary with a device that looks like an accounting calculator from the 80s?

The squared-ff edges -- no way I'd put something that jagged in my pocket -- the humongous "BlackBerry" slathered across the front (nobody was THAT proud of owning a BlackBerry when they DIDN'T suck). Do RIM execs wear dress shirts that reads, "RALPH LAUREN" in massive letters across their chests?

The interface seems like a hack-job hybrid of Android and iOS.

It seems to me that what RIM is selling is the fact that you can have a phone that looks sort of like a good phone and will utilize its server. Except for that people will know it is not a good phone when they see you holding it, because it says, "BLACKBERRY" in huge type.

Performance looks really snappy - love that. My Torch is so laggy.

Bring it RIM - I need this phone.

What's really amazing about all this is what RIM is probably still hiding. No way they could be that naive and release their best "features" already. Hopefully my expectations aren't too high but I'm still hoping for some seriously awesome stuff at launch and I'm confident they will do just that.

Wow really exciting to see more of BB10, personally still waiting for my keyboard though I have to say that this is a very tempting proposition. My one concern (not being negative), is that it looks like a fantastic communication device. RIM still seem to have just done what thet are best at and made a device for people (like myself) who want the best i mobile comms.

Unfortunately the average consumer is sold on things like apps (i know thats coming ), intergration and the ability to easily sync between devices (which imo opens up security issues especially with byod), how big the camera is... Etc etc.

In the UK RIM's dominance is on a knives edge. Consumers only consume they're not corporate employees and the easy of use in communicating is irrelevant show them how quickly you can take a picture and post it on FB or youtube. Look at samsungs ads for example you can take apicture and share it around the world ffs most people i know have never left their home town who the F**k do they know in Scotland let alone USA.

Like I said, i am loving it, just concerned that there isnt a "consumers" wow factor yet to be seen

I just hope this finally the "Wow" factor smartphone I've been hoping BlackBerry would come out with . Unfortunately, almost all my family and friends have went from BlackBerrys to mostly iPhones and a few Evos. Just me and my fiancé still have BlackBerrys' , me a Bold 9930 and she a Curve. Sometimes I feel like a salmon swimming upstream now :(

If you're swimming upstream, you're on your way to mate and spawn. Just think how much fun you're going to have! ;)

Undecided, I'm on my third BB plus 1 PlayBook. I could be ready for a change to maybe Samsung G-3. What's kept me with BB has been the physical keyboard, preference for BB OS and web browser, (so far), the sense of independence as in not having the feeling I'm stuck in Google or Apple's universe.

I seriously doubt I'd ever own an iPhone. The biggest thing for me is how the browser works. How little there are hiccups as well as how fully featured it is, compared to a laptop browser. Speed of course, ease of use.

I can't stand any apps, they mostly seem to mess up the phone or simply are facades for personal information gathering. My phone works well, never had any call issue's. Clarity of sound has always been excellent.

Camera is some what important, i want reasonably good picture. Mainly phone camera's are best for portraits and not scenery. I'd like to have better scenery capabilities. I never do video.

Push email, can't do without.

Sound/Speaker quality is important in playback of songs.

But i cant emphasize enough the browser.

Waiting to see the reviews and hopefully some real hands on.

1) I hope they can add some cool animations. Allow animated wallpaper. Have the ability to use 2 different wallpapers when its on lockscreen and when its unlocked.

2) I hope there's a way to make your weather app stay static in the home screen or something.

3 )I hope the Blackberry 10 is powerful enough and have all the codecs that I can just drag and drop any type of video files onto the phone without having to create any conversions.

4) I hope they don't cheap out on the build quality on their higher end models

5) Will the cinnamon and french toast still be on the BB10?

6) I hope to see new features really really soon. I think its kind of pointless going around spending cash to travel to show them exactly the same thing that has been posted numerous times on Youtube.

7) Like #6, I really want to see what its like when you are on landscape mode and how the gestures will work.

8) I hate any apple products and I stopped eating apples for that reason. But I wish they could have chosen a different design. I know its quite limited on how many shapes you can create on a phone and iPhone pretty much chose such a basic simple design. I'm speaking about the shape that its very similar. I know there's no button on the BB10, and the ear piece is a little longer. But everything else is pretty identical. Could use a little more humble creativity.

9) I hope I can delete the Facebook part of the Hub and replace it with G+ lol

10) I'm just getting really anxious and can't wait to buy one.

Watched it again just now and I noticed they cut the section where they showed off the music player. That's probably why the video was private for a while. Interesting, no?

It seems RIM doesn't want them showing off the music player early. Does this mean that what was shown before isn't indicative of the final music player? Is this one of the surprises RIM has for us? Perhaps something with a bit more TAT influence?

Of course it could just be that the music app is exactly what was shown in the video but RIM just doesn't want us to see it yet lol

Sorry to say, all, but the video is now 'private'. Any ideas why?

...9700 running OS5 and a 32 GB PB...