10 on 10 - Box giving BlackBerry 10 users 10GB of storage for free

Box on BlackBerry 10
By Michelle Haag on 2 Feb 2013 02:58 pm EST
These days you can never have enough storage, and keeping files in the cloud makes it very easy to access all of you stuff on multiple platforms. While there are several options for cloud storage these days, BlackBerry 10 devices have a few pre-installed, one of which is Box. There are some big advantages to using Box on your BlackBerry 10 device, including:
  • Integration into the Share Framework so you can easily send Box content to your contacts in Twitter, email, and BlackBerry Messenger
  • Quickly save to or select a file from your Box account at any time with the File Manager
  • Automatic backup of pictures or videos to your Box account!

As a boost to get you started, Box is offering BlackBerry 10 users 10GB accounts for free, as opposed to the normal 5GB you would get when signing up. If you're a new customer, you can head over to www.box.com/bb10 and sign up for a new account and get in on this deal automatically. If you're already a Box user, you're not left out either, as they will be bumping up accounts in the next couple of months when you log in to the app on your BlackBerry 10 device. Sweet deal, you can't beat free storage! 

Source: The Box Blog

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10 on 10 - Box giving BlackBerry 10 users 10GB of storage for free


Will they still do this two months from now (or more potentially) when US customers finally have access to a Z10?

Anyone know if this promo can be bundled with an existing account IE: my pre existing 50gb account thanks to the playbook?

The BOX 50GB PlayBook offer lasted a long time so I suspect this one will as well. I wouldn't worry, if you're a little late to the BB10 party.

Meh... I've got 25 GB of SkyDrive for free with my *hotmail* account because I jumped on a limited time offer. It's more than good enough for me. :)

I wonder if the "BOX" is connected with the "Dropbox". Probably these apps only have similar names. The Dropbox is already available for the BB Playbook and BB phones. The "Dropbox is the backup site for the Vault, which is available for the Playbook. I want one backup site for all my devices. I understand that apps on the present BB phones won't be available for the BB10 series. It would be great if the Vault or the Password Keeper would be available on the BB10 series. It's a pain to reenter all the information into a new app.

Box and Dropbox are two separate online storage companies. They each have their advantages and disadvantages. Sadly, there is no direct PC app for Box, there is however, incredible integration with Microsoft Office that allows you to save and load directly to and from Box.

Dropbox does not have a native app for the PlayBook. There is an Android port that is sideloadable or you can use BlueBox which is a native PlayBook app, but it is not an actual Dropbox app. Box has been available on the PlayBook since almost Day 1.

From what I've read, Password Keeper is available for BB10, just not sure if its preloaded or if you have to download it from BlackBerry World.

"Sadly, there is no direct PC app for Box"

Yes there is. It's called a web browser. I believe one is called Firefox, then there is one called Chrome, and one more big one...hmmmm....oh yeah, MS Explorer. You should install one on your computer and try it out *facepalm*

Currently use Dropbox, but that's only the 2GB version...I'd love to compare the usability with Box. The size increase is surely welcome.

Thanks Innovatology -It's an excellent App!! I use it on my PlayBook on a daily basis. Can't wait to get my Z10 from Verizon and run it on there too.

What I wanna know is what is the maximum file size to upload, cause currently box only has 250mb, which is lower than all of the rest....if i am not mistaken..

BlueBox on the PlayBook is the native DropBox app. I have been using it for almost a year now and am very pleased with it. Because it integrates between all of my computers and my PlayBook, when my computer has crashed (twice) I didn't lose any of my files.

I have sugarsync. If I do end up packing up and moving to dropbox which I hope allows for unlimited file sizes, then I'll use that instead. Box, not sure. I don't like file size limits.

I signed up with my z10 and still got the 5gb's. I didn't get 10gb. Did anyone else have this issue?

I know I'm a little to this party but I just signed up for Box & I got the 10 gb storage! I've been using dropbox & evernote but another 10 free gb can't hurt!