1 Sale-A-Day offering unlocked BlackBerry Z10's for $630

1 Sale-A-Day offering unlocked BlackBerry Z10's for $630
By Bla1ze on 3 Mar 2013 02:10 am EST

If you simply can't wait to get your hands on a BlackBerry Z10 or just plain want one with no contract you can now hit up the 1 Sale-A-Day flash sale. You'll need to sign up in order to see the offer under the wireless section but for the next 21 or so hours, you can pick up a factory unlocked LTE BlackBerry Z10 for $630 with free shipping. Is it a deal? Depends on how bad you want one I suppose. Be mindful, 1 Sale-A-Day does note 7-10 days for shipping but they have been known to take longer, so that's something you'll have to consider before jumping in head first. The one does say retail packaging and 1-Year warranty. Anyone going to be ordering? Thanks, dony71!

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1 Sale-A-Day offering unlocked BlackBerry Z10's for $630


Wait wait 7 to 10 days??? LOL I would have considered this sale like 2 weeks ago... I will wait for a contract one.... Anyone read the latest Forbes article on the z10... This guy talks about the "cheap" back.(like he must want a glass back) and also talks about not able to handle multiple twitter accounts,, please what OS is able to handle multiple accounts???

It's not (and never has been) based on the OS.. it's based on the app or client. That determines whether or not you can have multiple accounts. So, for the Android and iOS question -- Yes, if the client supprts it. The baked in BlackBerry 10 client currently does not support multiple accounts.

Thanks Blaze and everyone for clearing it up, have any of you seen the article I'm talking about?. Sorry for going off topic

The official client for iOS and Android both do multiple accounts and the built-in integration with iOS also supports multiple accounts. In fact, in apps that want to use your twitter info for quick posting, you can even approve what accounts you want to approve.

Yes, the Twitter app on OS7 and 7.1 do as well. You can set up more than one account. You've gotta switch back and forth to tweet as that account, but you'll get notifications (DM's, mentions, etc) for all accounts regardless of which is currently active.

uber twitter, and a bunch more apps do handle multiple twitter accounts, what BB10 needs is the ability to handle multiple accounts from the hub !! that would be a plus !!

It's easy enough to sign in/out on twitter. I'm sure it could depend on the client too. If that's all the dirt one angry (probably Apple-sided) reviewer can come up with then it's pretty much a compliment!

It's just indicative of a company wanting to off load some devices before the big boys start selling them in a couple of weeks or so. The price is still only so-so compared to what's available elsewhere. For instance I bought my Z10 for $535USD/$550CAD from Koodo in Canada and had it unlocked for $20 (Had I waited I could have had it unlocked for $3).

i dont think this counts as on sale... product is not even release yet, maybe it will MSRP at 500 so this is still marked up

This site take about 2-3 weeks to deliver an item, i have purchased a couple. I don't think it worth to wait that long

I've bought a couple times from them too and the orders only took 8 days from placing an order to delivery. Hopefully, this will be a similar situation.

7-10 Days Shipping plus however long it takes to process the order. Within that timeframe we should at least have an announcement from the US Carriers about a release date. Maybe if this had been January 31st but no so close ... eh, I can wait.

It's actually "7-10 Day for your order to ship" which means it's the processing time. Shipping will probably take another 5 business days. I've ordered from them a couple times before and in both cases, the item shipped in 2 business days via UPS Ground so I got the item in about 8 days. Not gonna guarantee that's the case this time, but those are my experiences with them.

You're right though, we are close. Only thing that bugs me is that I dunno how close. =(

So sad that the Blackberry Z10 is not going to be available here (USA) until mid March. I think the HTC One might give it a run for its money; it's looks so good and I may be tempted to by the HTC One. I feel that Blackberry gave us fans a big tease by announcing in January and U.S. users not getting the phone until this month. I am going to buy a month this month whether the Blackberry comes out or not. I used the Nexus 4, for three days and that thing is like the 5th generation of what my old blackberry 9810 can do. Man, I am missing out on the latest and greatest but Blackberry won't come out with it already.

I would wait because the UI experience is way better than the Android OS which I felt was not very user friendly. I previously had a SG2 and iPhone 4S and switched over to the Z10 and have not regretted it one bit. The smooth running OS along with the hub and keyboard experience is amazing that no other smartphone can match. The only regret that I have is that I am addicted to the phone! Too much time on Internet as it is blazingly fast!

The problem with the "unlocked" version is, our unit is left behind when getting an OS upgrade...

Mine is still

That's not true at all. Mine was factory unlocked from the launch event and it recieved the update thanks to it being used on Rogers.

When the updates pushed, CrackBerry said your phone would update based on your SIM card. If you are on a provider that's received the update it should have come to you. Not sure what happens here in the States where the phones are not "official" as yet?

I believe you can always just update it over the web if your current carrier isn't pushing it to your device. I read it takes about an hour to do so.

who's got the info on what carriers this will work on (Sprint???),,, are they U.S. based???


No. Not Sprint.. never. Unless Sprint changes their mind about seeling it which isn't likely to happen.

I think the question was intended to be whether or not this version would work on Sprint, not whether or not Sprint would be selling one.

well they're selling this as an unlocked phone,,, what carriers will this phone work with??? and yes, i was wondering if it'll work on sprint,,, if it's an unlocked version, how do they determine which one to send you??? are there no unlocked ones that'll work on sprint???


I'd suggest we educate the crowd at slickdeals, they tend to be "thrifty" and dislike anything that isn't close to free or an apple/Google thing. I read comments the software was "outdated"... Really wtf

Slickdeals is full of idiots. If they were getting something for free, they'd bitch and moan about not getting cash back on the purchase.

I plan on getting a a Z10 for T-Mobile when it gets here however I need some advice. I bought my 9900 last January on one of those finance plans that was offered and now have less than year to go. I am a happy T-mobile subscriber and don't plan on leaving them anytime soon (unless the become like sprint). I know in the long run you save more money with an unlocked phone however im looking to save money now. Would it be better to but this phone out right for $630 or wait to see how much of a deal i will get through T-mobile while I'm still on the finance program?

This maybe a dump question, but is it a CMDA or GSM phone? Maybe the phone has hardware for both, but I haven't heard that.

Gsm, verizon is the only cdma banded carrier that's going to have a Z10 and that passed clearance only a few days ago. Sprint has specific bands and they are nowhere to be found meaning there is not going to be a sprint Z10
So to answer your question this is a gsmZ10

Pardon my question if it sounds silly, but can an unlocked Z10 show a carrier specific screen?

I got an unlocked phone today and it showed a huge screen with the carrier logo - how is that possible?

Yes, the same happened to me when I got my unlocked phone and inserted my T-Mobile SIM card, the T-Mobile screen appeared. I'm thinking somehow BBRY has designed the phone to read the SIM and then display the appropriate carrier screen. That's just a guess though.

More worried about where Slickdeals got the stock.

Given there is supposedly a shortage and the z10 is selling like hotcakes.

Something not computing.

I just wanna be clear it will work on T-Mobile?x I have an account with them for my son, I'm waiting for the Verizon version since that's where my phone is at. But I would consider getting this one on T-Mobile.