By Kevin Michaluk on 23 Dec 2008 07:23 pm EST

Get A Free Copy Now!

* Update: SORRY GUYS & GALS - It looks like the 1,000 free copies are already gone. That took less than two hours. I don't think I saw the announcement for this even pop up on any other websites yet, so I'm guessing it's a whole lot of CrackBerry readers (1,000 to be exact!) who just lucked in on getting Email Alerts for free. For those who didn't get to take advantage of this freebie, keep in mind we still have a contest running for 50 Free copies of PeeKaWho and another contest for 10 Free CrackBerry Coveroos! *

OK CrackBerry Nation, You had better Move FAST on this. These will be gone before you know it! Let us know in the comments if you got one and when the 1,000 runs out. From Aerize...

Aerize would like to wish the BlackBerry community season's greetings and a wonderful new year by offering the first one thousand (1,000) customers a free copy of Aerize Alerts, our immensely popular Email and SMS notification app.

Current users who are already familiar with Alerts will know that it provides a popup notification for incoming messages to eliminate the frustration of having to switch applications, and that it includes configurable options and features like: contact images, HTML Email support, access to separated inboxes, mark as read, SMS support, keyboard shortcuts, queue-based interface, and much more. You'll be pleased to find out that the new version 1.2.1 also features:

  • Bold and Storm-specific improvements for the best experience on the latest devices
  • Optional missed call notifications allows Alerts to be your go-to application for staying in touch while utilizing a consistent interface
  • Ability to disable notifications during phone calls

If you've not tried Alerts before, now is the time -- not only is it more powerful and stable than ever, but we're also giving a free copy to the first thousand customers as a holiday gift. Here's how to acquire yours:

  • Visit the Alerts page on our web store at http://aerize.com/blackberry/software/alerts/
  • Click the "buy" link to add it to your cart.
  • Enter coupon code ALERTS_HOLIDAY_2008 and press "Apply Code / Update Cart" to receive 100% off Aerize Alerts.
  • Verify that the total shows as $0.00.
  • Checkout as normal, being careful to correctly enter your device PIN so the serial number can be correctly generated.

Then simply enter the generated serial number into the options screen of Alerts to unlock your free licensed copy. Be quick, they'll go fast!

- Happy Holidays & Best Wishes from the Aerize team

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Product Name Qty. Activation Code Delivery
Aerize Email Alerts - Email/ SMS Popup Notifications 1 xxxxx Download (Only if you did not install the demo version)
Subtotal: $10.00
Discount: $10.00
Total: $0.00

Got one, luckily. While everyone else is out Xmas shopping I am on Crackberry.

Wait now I feel kinda sad.

Oh well, this free app should cheer me up :)

Free stuff is always awesome... but this program will only make the realization that no one is sending me messages all the more apparent.

In summation.... thanks.

A freebie in this economy! Nice to know there are bailouts for the common people. Love it.

Thanks a bunch.

Wow thanks. This is the first time I win something here. I'm so glad it's the first 1,000 people to respond, instead of picking random winner out of the responces.

Love this program, tried the demo about a month ago and was going to buy it but never got around to it. Now I guess I don't have to. Thanks!

Oh wow, I actually got one. Thanks so much! I've always wanted something like that! Still hoping for Peekawho though, as that is the one I really want.

I just downloaded my free copy. I tried peekawho before and didn't care much for it. With the Aerize, I already notice a difference and love this app. Thanks Aerize. Happy Holidays!

Went to site, entered promotion code, received discount
(check out said $0.00), activate, then receive an email
stating it's a 7 day trial???

You should have gotten a confirmation email from mobihand with your activation code. You need to enter that in the aerize program..

got one! but can you only activate it after 7 days or can you just straight up activate it when you download it? and if so how?

Looks like I was one of the first 1000!

Many thanks and festive greetings to the Aerize team for their generous offer.


okay i'm quite new to CB. How do you guys know when new posts are up on the page? Do you guys sit in front of pc's all day long, do you guys have a job or do you guys have some fancy app that tells you when posts like this are up?

Got mine. And I just ended my free trial, so this worked great. I was about to try the PeekaWho trial, so Aerize swooped in and got my membership. Now if they'd only make it so when I open up SMS it goes to SMS and not my email. (yes I set everything the way they told me to.)

There's nothing like a gift! (with no strings attached). My first gift of the year and probably my only one! ...sad! Thank you again!!!!

Looks like the gravy train ended. Mine just says "This code has already been used." and won't discount the price. All well.

Can't wait to put it to the test over the 4 day weekend this weekend and next weekend. And the checkout out was one of the smoothest I've dealt with yet.

I got punked

I followed the instructions, entered the code, the code got accepted... and after I entered my info [to start an account] the shopping cart was cleared and I couldn't enter the code a second time.

No freebie for me...:'(

My wife and I both got it! I had previously tried peekawho and found it sluggish anyway, didn't know this one was out there. Perfect!!

i the activation code the serial number because mine didnt work i also didnt have to put my pin# in when buying the program. now it says i have a 7-day trial period

No Christmas joy for me :-(

I enter the promotion code and get "This promotion code has been already used."

Got 2 copies 1 for me the other for my sig other..Thanks Happy holidays!! Why everytime I select the icon the Aerize info banner pops up?? and y the upper right hand corner has all Aerize info still on it??

Got mine in time. Receipt said $0.00, put in pin, downloaded *free* product, and received an e-mail thanking me for my 7 day *free* trial.
What gives Areize?

I would've been home to get it if I hadn't been at the hospital . . . d'oh! Family first. Oh well, hope I score Peek-a-who or a neato cover . . . that would really make my holidays . . . a gift for me and my storm!

Was one of the lucky ones to get this and it is a great application. The popup is helpful so you don't have to open the messages folder all the time. Quick and easy way to determine if it is an important message or not.

I got my free copy. It's ok but doesn't really alert me in any way more than the default alerts do